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Can't Print Orders - 2 problems

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Aug-17-18 01:43 PM EST
Original Message
Can't Print Orders - 2 problems
Author Ken on 03-30-2001 at 18:16 (EST)
I am using a registered copy of Version 3.40.

PROBLEM 1:Everything is working just fine (albeit slow at times)but I cannot print where it asks the purchaser if they wish to charge the transaction or print to fax or mail the order.
I have enabled the Print Option in the Control Panel but it still won't print when I click on the button. If I click on the "Browsers" Print button, it will click, but not from the order form itself.

PROBLEM 2: What it does aside from not printing, is it will transfer me to another page after I click the print button, where I now will see three lines of text near the top (Aligned Right) which says on three consecutive rows: Company Address, Company Phone and Company Fax. (no other data is shown, i.e. actual address, phone and fax numbers even though all this information has already been entered in the Control Panel under General Settings/Store Information.)

Can anyone help please. Getting desperate as we are launching the site April 2nd (Monday). Thanks.

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  RE: Can't Print Orders - 2 problems Bill Weiner, 2001-04-05 21:52:38 (1)
            Can't Print Orders - 2 problems Ken, 2001-04-06 11:35:26 (2)
                 RE: Can't Print Orders - 2 problems Bill Weiner, 2001-04-10 05:35:34 (3)
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                           Can't Print Orders - 2 problems Ken, 2001-04-11 12:14:36 (7)
                                RE: Can't Print Orders - 2 problems Bill Weiner, 2001-04-17 07:10:31 (9)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Can't Print Orders - 2 problems
        Author Bill Weiner on 04-05-2001 at 21:52 (EST)
Unless you use the JavaScript trick that I will describe below.... The default "Printable" order form page will NOT automatically print when it is displayed. Instead, you must press the browser's "Print" button.

As for the "Company Address, Company Phone, and Company Fax" text that is displayed on the Print page.... That text is directly related to what you have configured in the "Instructions Displayed On The Print Page" field (On the uShop Control Panel under "GENERAL SETTINGS - PAYMENT OPTIONS"). It is recommended that you edit that field and enter your company's Name, Phone and Fax number.

And now finally, here is a trick if you want the PRINT page to automatically bring up the Print Dialog Box. On the uShop Control Panel - Under "GENERAL SETTINGS - PAYMENT OPTIONS" enter the following HTML/JavaScript into the "Instructions Displayed On The Print Page" field:

< script language="JavaScript" >
< /script >

                 2. Can't Print Orders - 2 problems
                Author Ken on 04-06-2001 at 11:35 (EST)
Bill thnaks for the info. I made the change re Address, Phone, Fax etc. (aN it worked great) but could not get the Java trick to work. It kept returning as message that said:

An error has occurred in the script on this page.
Line: 67
Char: 1
Error: Object doesn't support this property or method
Code: 0

Do you want to continue running scripts on this page? Yes No

Now that our site is live (Shopping Cart is at - click on the blue shopping cartto enter the ordering pages)this print screen has become less of a critical issue. There appears to be a problem with the cart system as our orders suddenly dropped off from pre-uShop cart volumes of last week. This a.m. we received an email from a customer in Hawaii ordering via email as the items she was adding to her cart did not show up in the cart. I went to the site and tested it but could not see why it didn;t work - it appearede to work for me, right through to checkout and payment. Can someone please check this for me sand make sure that it is working for you too? I have also been experiencing problems with the Javascript wreaking havoc with my ISP's server. It has been up and down and they cannot seem to understand why and are blaming the uShop cart.

Any help would be most appreciated. I'd like to stick with this cart system as we have already paid for it but so far it seems like it may be costing us business if I cannot find a way to satisfy myself that it is working reliably for all our customers. Thanks for any help you're able to lend. We're getting pretty desperate for assistance in this matter.
                         3. RE: Can't Print Orders - 2 problems
                        Author Bill Weiner on 04-10-2001 at 05:35 (EST)
In regard to the JavaScript trick that will automatically bring up the "Print" dialog box, that script:

< script >
< /script >

... just needs to be added to the "Instructions Displayed On The Print Page" field.... which can be found on the uShop Control Panel under "GENERAL SETTINGS - PAYMENT OPTIONS".

In fact, we recently updated our standard online demo at:

... such that the "Print" payment option in that demo uses that JavaScript to automatically bring up the "Print" dialog box. So check out the "Control Panel" at the above online demo and you will see how the script was added to the end of the "Instructions Displayed On The Print Page" field. (GENERAL SETTINGS - PAYMENT OPTIONS)

In regard to JavaScript "wreaking havoc" on your server, no, neither Java nor JavaScript would be the culprit there because Java and JavaScript run locally on the user's browser... and not on the server.

In regard to the customer in Hawaii not being able to add items to the shopping cart, my guess is that the customer was using a Macintosh with Internet Explorer. As described on the reference page:

... there is problem with Macintosh Internet Explorer users not being able to add items to the shopping cart. This problem is related to the Mac Internet Explorer's implementation of the Java Virtual Machine ... and the way it appears to not maintain "static" class data across different pages/frames. In any case, as noted on that page, Macintosh computer users would have to use a Netscape browser. (Netscape browsers work fine on Macintosh computers)

By the way, I did go ahead and took a look at your site... and all of your HTML looks Ok.... Especially the important rule that the CODEBASE setting of ALL of your applets must be EXACTLY THE SAME. Which you have properly done, so it looks like you have everything setup Ok there.
                                 4. Can't Print Orders - 2 problems
                                Author Ken Statham on 04-10-2001 at 10:49 (EST)
Bill, thank you. It worked!!! and thanks as well for checking the site for me and the explanantion re Mac's and Javascript. Now that I know that, I can troubleshoot a little easier on my own. Once again, thank you. You've been a big help.
                                         8. Can't Print Orders - 2 problems
                                        Author Ken on 04-16-2001 at 19:37 (EST)
This is most odd. I just upgraded my IE browser from 5.0 to 5.5 and now the printing works just fine. So I think you can safely assume that there is some work to determine why IE 5.0 for IBM compatibles don't print.
                         5. Print Problem
                        Author Ken on 04-10-2001 at 13:12 (EST)
Wish to retract the "it works" remark. It doesn't.
I inserted the script exactly as instructed and made sure the script was as shown in the demo store. When clicking on the Print button, the Login screen prints instead of the order. So I went to uShops demo store to try it and exactly the same thing happened. The login screen printed instead of the order form.

Help please.
                                 6. RE: Print Problem
                                Author Bill Weiner on 04-11-2001 at 05:41 (EST)
Hmmm... That sounds like the JavaScript generated "Print Dialog" is trying to re-execute the "" URL before printing... thus generating the Login Page. Out of curiosity, what type of browser are you using?

In any case, I'll look into it a little later today and see if I can come up with something.
                                         7. Can't Print Orders - 2 problems
                                        Author Ken on 04-11-2001 at 12:14 (EST)
I'm using IE 5.0 on a PC (Sony Vaio P111 System - new machine in other words). Thanks for looking into it Bill.

PS: Printing from Netscape 4.5 works works as intended, but not from Internet Explorer.
                                                 9. RE: Can't Print Orders - 2 problems
                                                Author Bill Weiner on 04-17-2001 at 07:10 (EST)
I did some testing with the window.print() JavaScript... and it appears that on IE browsers, it is trying to revisit the current URL before printing.... without reposting any current information. This basically means it causes the IE browser to execute the default URL of the script ... which is the URL of the uShop Control Panel.

We won't be able to control how the JavaScript window.print() function works... so until that version of IE corrects the way it is implemented (or until someone figures out a work-around - I still have a couple ideas to try) ... you'll just have make customers print the old-fashioned way.... by pressing the browser's print button.

(Either that or put something in your "Print Instructions" telling customers to press "CNTRL-P" to print the page).

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