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Applet alignment

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Jul-22-18 02:19 PM EST
Original Message
Applet alignment
Author Stuart Folo on 05-01-2000 at 08:37 (EST)
I am having trouble with the alignment of applets. Only some give you the option to choose how you would like it to be aligned - but not on the applet I would like to use. I have tryed to a a line in with the alignment param but without success. Please help if you can...

Table Of Contents
  alignment Charlie Edmunds, 2000-05-01 19:28:45 (1)
            aligning qwer, 2000-05-02 10:34:30 (2)
                 RE: aligning Bill Weiner, 2000-05-03 06:05:05 (3)
  Alignment.. Stuart Folo, 2000-05-03 07:33:50 (4)
            RE: Alignment.. Bill Weiner, 2000-05-04 06:01:06 (5)
  Applet Alignment Mike Tison, 2000-07-20 14:04:06 (6)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. alignment
        Author Charlie Edmunds on 05-01-2000 at 19:28 (EST)

Do you put your applets in a table so you can control how they are aligned? What is you url so I can take a look at your site?

Thanks, Charlie Edmunds
                 2. aligning
                Author qwer on 05-02-2000 at 10:34 (EST)
When I put applets in tables, the don't appear in the table, but above the whole table. Doesn't help at all.
                         3. RE: aligning
                        Author Bill Weiner on 05-03-2000 at 06:05 (EST)
The applets will appear on the page where ever you put them. So it sounds like you may have an error in your HTML relating to your table. Give me the URL and I will take a look at it.
         4. Alignment..
        Author Stuart Folo on 05-03-2000 at 07:33 (EST)
Teh applets are in a table already and the applets themselves are aligned.. the information inside the applet is all over the place.. At the moment the applet centers all text.. as the title of the products... (included in the applet) varys in size it makes all of the products look different..

URL Orderform
                 5. RE: Alignment..
                Author Bill Weiner on 05-04-2000 at 06:01 (EST)
That is just how the Java Layout Manager works and cannot be controlled. However, from looking at your site, here are two applets that may better suit your needs anyway:

1) Try using the "uShopInputQuantity3" applet. This will allow you to create/align your product descriptions using regular HTML and then just used the "uShopInputQuantity3" applet as the means of adding the item to the cart.

2) Otherwise, you could try using the "uShopInputMultiple" applet - which does line up because we used a fixed-width font and implemented our own layout manager for that applet.
         6. Applet Alignment
        Author Mike Tison on 07-20-2000 at 14:04 (EST)
I had a problem of having multiple applets right underneath each other and I used the html code
  in the parameters of the product name ... I just kept adding that code until the spacing looked good.

I had one applet with a product name T-shirt and the other applet was Sweatshirt so in the T-shirt parameter, I just kept adding   until both applets had the same width & alignment. I don't know if this was the best way to do it, but it worked for me.

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