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Applets not displaying

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Jul-22-18 02:14 PM EST
Original Message
Applets not displaying
Author fabian on 02-19-2001 at 01:06 (EST)
Since I quit the "html" directory and set the codebase to "classes/" instead "../classes" my applets don't work.

Could you please give me any tip?

Table Of Contents
  RE: Applets not displaying Bill Weiner, 2001-02-19 06:56:39 (1)
            Re: Applets not displaying / Bill Fabian, 2001-02-19 22:22:06 (2)
                 Re: Applets not displaying / Bill Bill Weiner, 2001-02-20 05:35:52 (3)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Applets not displaying
        Author Bill Weiner on 02-19-2001 at 06:56 (EST)
I took a look at your site and noticed in the Java Console that you are getting the following error message:

"java.lang.ClassFormatError: Illegal constant pool index"

That error message is a good indication that the class files were transferred to your server in ASCII mode instead of BINARY mode. So to correct the problem:

STEP 1: Delete all of your current .class files from your server.

STEP 2: Re-transfer the .class files to your server ... using BINARY or RAW transfer mode (NOT ASCII transfer mode).

See also:
                 2. Re: Applets not displaying / Bill
                Author Fabian on 02-19-2001 at 22:22 (EST)
Hello Bill.
Many thanks and, please , excuse my bad english.
I use just 2 applets in my site to add items to cart .Ushop input 1 (single java button) and ushop input 3 (the one with a quantity box).
Following your sugestions I've got working the ushopinput 1 applet......but it still don't show the ushop input 3, the one with a quantity box.
The view cart works fine but the jsi applet appears not to be working, because it stay at the "please wait" page.And the popup window doesn't work.
I've changed the codebase in jsi and uploaded all in binary mode.

Any suggestion?

Many thanks in advance.

                         3. Re: Applets not displaying / Bill
                        Author Bill Weiner on 02-20-2001 at 05:35 (EST)
Glad to hear you resolved the problem:

But for others experiencing a hang up on the "Please Wait" page, see the following troubleshooting link:

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