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Remarks on version 3.x

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Aug-15-18 12:04 AM EST
Original Message
Remarks on version 3.x
Author Marcel Emmen on 02-08-2001 at 18:13 (EST)
Hi there,

Question? How long can the thank you message be with the different payment option in version 3.x ?

Question? Is there a way to repeat the thank you message from the different payment option inside the receipt which is been send to the customer how has placed the order? I want to use the thank you message to give the customer extra information how his order will be process.

Question? Will there be in the next update a possibility for payment in advanced? and if so will it be possible to put the payment information automatic inside the receipt of the customer?



p.s. when will the next new update be? I have read about it is some other message from you....

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  RE: Remarks on version 3.x Bill Weiner, 2001-02-09 06:43:38 (1)
            RE: Remarks on version 3.x Marcel Emmen, 2001-02-09 17:10:35 (2)
                 RE: Remarks on version 3.x Bill Weiner, 2001-02-12 06:47:37 (3)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Remarks on version 3.x
        Author Bill Weiner on 02-09-2001 at 06:43 (EST)
In regard to your questions:

1) The "Thank You" messages that are configurable under "GENERAL SETTINGS - PAYMENT OPTIONS" will appear on the bottom of the final "Thank You" page and can be pretty much as large as you want. You can also specify any HTML tags you want in there too (for links, banners, etc. ).

2) You can specify the text for a "Thank You" message that will be displayed at the bottom of all email receipts by configuring the "Email Message" field under "GENERAL SETTINGS - EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS". Unlike the thank you page messages discussed above, however, the text specified for the "Email Message" field will be the same for all payment options.

3) Payment in advance? I'm not sure what you mean by that. Obviously the "credit card" payment option and the "electronic check" payment options make the customer "pay in advance". The "print payment" option can also me used to have customers print their order and then send there "payment in advance". You could even use the "contact me" payment option if you want the order info emailed to the customer without using one of the other payment options. Remember that you can change the labels and instructions of the payment options ... so you could rename the "Print" or "Contact Me" payment buttons to "Pay In Advance" ... if that is what you are looking for.

4) The next update should be released sometime this month.
                 2. RE: Remarks on version 3.x
                Author Marcel Emmen on 02-09-2001 at 17:10 (EST)
1. Are these thank you text be added to the thank you page you define at the Miscellaneous Settings page? or only the standard thank you page.

2. I know, but if somebody want to pay in advanced by tranfer the money to us through bank account then it is nice if he can read in the receipt how he must do this. However this information is not interesting if somebody pays by creditcard. There for i was asking this.

3. If a customer don't want to pay by COD of creditcard then a other option is to order the goods and then give him instruction how he must transfer the money to us by bank account.

The contact me and the print option is already in use so we can't modify this for extra payment options. I like to see more custom payment options and the possiblity to set the payment options more to our own hand. This was easy with version 2.x because the checkout was done by a java-applet (inside a html page) and only after the customer press the send order on that page the cgi-script was launch. In version 3.x the checkout proccess is done through the cgi-script and this makes it more difficult to customise the checkout.

                         3. RE: Remarks on version 3.x
                        Author Bill Weiner on 02-12-2001 at 06:47 (EST)
1. Those messages are only added to the standard thank you page.... not the custom thank you page that you can specify under "Miscellaneous Settings".

2. and 3. If you looking for some sort of a payment by bank option (which is only available in the German version at this time), then perhaps you can use the "electronic check" payment option. You can customize the field names on the "echeck_template.html" file to request bank information ... and of course, rename the "echeck" button label and instructions accordingly.

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