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uShop v3.3

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Jul-19-18 08:53 PM EST
Original Message
uShop v3.3
Author Randy Young on 12-18-2000 at 15:47 (EST)
Hi Bill

Long time no Post !!

In reference to uShop 3.3, I just downloaded it and was wondering if you can maybe save me some time by answering a few questions.

Right now I have uShop v3.15? I think, and although uShop 3.3 does have some enhancements, I was wondering if it is worth a persons time to update to uShop 3.3

The site right now works fine and the only real enhnacement that the company I did the site for might like with v3.3 is the ability to remember the customers info. To me this is great, but most ppl (well I do) delete all their cookies or have them turned off.

Besides the remembering of customer info, is it worth while to update to 3.3? (if the company says forget about the ability to remember customer info)

Just thought I would save myself some time by asking you first before I set up a dry run of v3.3

Also, are their any new .class files or is it only some .pl files that provide the enhancements?

Oh .. since i'm here 1 more question. The uShopsearch, does it have a limit on how many items are in the search? If you remember from a previous pot of mine I was using it as a search so customers can find a store located near them, and even though there are approximately 248 stores in the text file, if you do a search it always stops at 200 matches found. The reason I know this is because at the end of each customer in the bar delimited text file, the image I use for each is the same (find.gif) and when I do a search for find.gif, to see how many customers are in the txt file, it stops at 200, even when I keep adding more. This does not concern me now because the highest amount of stores in the file is for Ontario, which is at 133 stores, but that could surpass 200 stores as more info is given to me to add. If a person does a search on stores in Ontario, there could be well over 200 in the future but it will stop a 200 matches found.

Is there anyway arounf that??


Randy Young

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  RE: uShop v3.3 Bill Weiner, 2000-12-19 06:06:54 (1)
            uShop v3.3 Randy Young, 2000-12-19 12:17:34 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: uShop v3.3
        Author Bill Weiner on 12-19-2000 at 06:06 (EST)
Yeah, there were just minor improvements made to that 3.3 update, as described in the 12/07/00 posting at:

... with the main enhancement being that ability to remember customer information via cookies. There were no major optimizations or major bugs corrected... so if you don't need to have that remember customer information feature right away... you may want to hold off until there are a couple more improvements that will make it worth your time. (We're already working on the next update).

If you do decide to upgrade to version 3.3, however, you would not need to change any of your HTML. Just replace ALL of the class files in your classes directory... and reconfigure/replace ALL 3 CGI scripts.

In regard to the uShopSearch applets, I just checked the source code and yes, we do currently have the MAX_MATCHES set to 200.... going on the theory that if they had more matches than that, then they should narrow their search criteria. Remembering how you were utilizing those applets, however, I think I can see how you may want that 200 increased a little.... so if it comes down to it and you need more than 200, send us a support request and we'll see what we can do about increasing that for you.
                 2. uShop v3.3
                Author Randy Young on 12-19-2000 at 12:17 (EST)
Thank you very much Bill.

I will hold off with the 3.3 update (unless the company wants the save customer info) until a feature update, and if I need to surpass the 200 Matches in the uShopSearch then I will contact you's.

Thanks again for the excellent support you's give your product.


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