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Compliment !!!

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Jul-21-18 11:17 AM EST
Original Message
Compliment !!!
Author Randy on 10-31-2000 at 11:59 (EST)
I never found a "Compliment Forum" here, but I would just like to say that uShop is great, and the people at Microburst are doing an excellent job.

The company I have done this e-comm site for love the way things are working out. They were paying lots of $$ to have another company host their e-comm site and control what could and could not be done. It was not working out for them.

Now, after paying just the cost of buying uShop, they control everything and finally have the site the way they want it, and only pay the $10.00 a month for a site to host them.

Keep up the good work, I may have a few other companies interested in your product. :))


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  Since i'm here, I have a question now Randy, 2000-10-31 13:52:15 (1)
            RE: Since i'm here, I have a question now Bill Weiner, 2000-10-31 16:34:51 (2)
                 Since i'm here, I have a question now Randy, 2000-10-31 19:03:11 (3)
                      RE: Since i'm here, I have a question now Bill Weiner, 2000-11-01 07:25:00 (4)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. Since i'm here, I have a question now
        Author Randy on 10-31-2000 at 13:52 (EST)
Your uShopSearch1.class

I would like to use that as a search tool for finding if a retail outlet for a company is in your town.

I have it set up testing it so you type in the city you live in, it searches the bar-delimited text file I created, and lets you know if a store is in your city, with the address ....etc....

Only problem is it shows the Qty box and ADD button. Is there any way I can disable that so they do not show up??

I really love the way it looks and the way it is dynamically created in the template_product.html file.

Please say yes ......... I can disable those.

I'm a Network Engineer not a programmer.
I get lost easy when it comes to programming :(

                 2. RE: Since i'm here, I have a question now
                Author Bill Weiner on 10-31-2000 at 16:34 (EST)
Thanks for all of the nice compliments. It's nice to know that our development and support efforts are appreciated. Thanks! :^)

In regard to the uShopSearch1 applet, that is an interesting implementation. What you could try doing is modifying the "template_product.html" file that is located in your "classes" directory.. .and actually remove the following keyword:


By removing that "USHOP_APPLET" keyword, I believe the input applet will not be displayed.
                         3. Since i'm here, I have a question now
                        Author Randy on 10-31-2000 at 19:03 (EST)
Thanks Bill .... and i'm serious about the compliments .... uShop is great.

I'm not sure what I did, but I got rid of the Qty and ADD button. I did not remove the USHOP_APPLET

Actually, this search thing i'm implementing is working out to good. My wife just got home and this is for the company she works for and she loves the search applet setup.

Here is what I wanted to do ........ (Another example of what a person can do with your product)

The company does not want to sell to anyone on the e-comm site if there is a retail outlet within X amount of kilometers from that person (to protect the retail outlet it distributes it's products to, and instead re-direct the person to buy off this retail outlet)

So .. I'm setting up the bar-delimited file with all the retail outlets it distributes to. (Stores names, location, address, phone#), then I was stuck. I thought if a person types in their city, and it does not show up, they could still be like 1 mile away from the retail outlet and not know it. So in field 14 of the bar-delimited file (for extra search criteria) I looked at maps and entered all the towns names within around 10 km of the town that retail outlet is in.

Now, if a person types in their town, if they are within 10km of that retail stores town, it gives that stores info.

This should keep everyone happy. I know it's ALOT of work and I still have a lot more Retail outlets to enter in the bar-delimited file, but it works. (unless someone knows an easier way)

Also, for the picture file that you can have to open up with it. I cropped little pics of maps of these towns with that 10km radius showing these other towns. So when it opens up, it shows that persons town on the map and I have the retail outlets town highlighted.

Like I said before, I'm a Network Engineer, not a programmer :(( If someone has an easier way of doing something like this.....please let me know, otherwise your search applet is doing a great job for this.

The person can also type in a province, and show all the stores in that province, etc... if they remember a stores name they bought a product at, but not the location, they type in the store name, it shows up with the location and all other info.

I know in the States, you's have ZIP code lookups, but I have not seen anything in Canada for a Postal Code lookup. Not even any major Canadian site, like sears Canada has a Postal Code lookup,(they use a drop down menu) whereas Sears in the US has the ZIP code lookup.

I was going to go with just a drop down menu, but when I began to experiment with the uShopSearch1 applet, I liked what was happening.

Anyways .... sorry for the long message, but I just thought I would explain what I was trying to acheive with your product, and it's working :))

Thanks again
                                 4. RE: Since i'm here, I have a question now
                                Author Bill Weiner on 11-01-2000 at 07:25 (EST)
I like it! Often for such applications you would need a complete city database and use some mapping algorithms to determine distances... But I think for your case, you're idea will work just fine - particulaly since there is (obviously) a finite number of retail outlets and therefore you really can just look up the immediate cities that are located around each outlet.

I also like you're idea of displaying a small portion of the map too...nice touch!

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