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Can field sizes be varied somehow?

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Aug-21-18 12:56 AM EST
Original Message
Can field sizes be varied somehow?
Author Scott Benjamin on 09-18-2001 at 08:12 (EST)
Let me start by saying that I'm delighted with your product - I'm not a code-writer, and my previous experience with a javascript-based cart was a bit like fishing. Thanks for a pretty easy set-up.

My question: I'd like to shorten the length of a displayed input field (the Qty field -- we never have over 2 digits entered!) I'm only displaying 1 or 2 fields of the applet, and have shortened the applet length in my hmtl, but it's still too long. You can see my test page if you wish at:

Short of downloading Java 1.0, messing with the ShopInputclass codes and recompiling (yikes!), is there some way I can do this? I need to shorten them even more for a 4-column product layout.

Thanks for your reply.


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  RE: Can field sizes be varied somehow? Bill Weiner, 2001-09-19 22:25:43 (1)

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         1. RE: Can field sizes be varied somehow?
        Author Bill Weiner on 09-19-2001 at 22:25 (EST)
Thanks for the nice compliments! Hopefully you will still feel the same when I say....

Unfortunately, there is no way at this time adjust the size of the quantity entry box.... at least not without:

1) Following the instructions in the uShop Programmer's Guide to write your own custom applet. (which you already mentioned you didn't want to have to download/mess with the Java 1.0 compiler)


2) Following the instructions in the uShop Programmer's Guide (and/or the JavaScript examples in the uShop Applet Reference) to create your own customer JavaScript. (which you already mentioned that you didn't care for JavaScript).

But those are pretty much the only choices if you want to make the quantity entry box smaller. On a side note, you may not want to cut the applet width so close anyway... as some browsers will display the applets differently than others. Internet Explorer, for instance, tends to use a narrower font than Netscape.... so you wouldn't want to optimize for just IE users. It's really not recommended to cut it too close anyway.

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