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Fix problems and suggestions

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Future Features WishList
Apr-24-19 02:55 PM EST
Original Message
Fix problems and suggestions
Author Albert Poon on 07-01-2001 at 21:36 (EST)
1. V3.4 still has the problem of price sometimes being not displayed in Applet uShopInput17.

2. When scrolling down the screen by dragging the scroll bar, sometimes the text does not display properly in Applet uShopInput17 - browser repaint problem?

3. It would be nice if there is a button "Print Cart" in uShopCart1 to print the contents of the cart directly to a printer.

4. It would be nice if there is a button "Copy Cart" in uShopCart1 to copy the contents in the cart and paste them in other Windows applications such as Word or Excel in text format, or Paint in image format.

5. When using the "label" parameter in uShopInput 7, if the value ="", the default "ADD" button should be hidden instead of still seeing a button without text.

Table Of Contents
  RE: Fix problems and suggestions Bill Weiner, 2001-07-01 22:18:25 (1)
  Fix problems and suggestions Albert Poon, 2001-07-02 06:32:25 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Fix problems and suggestions
        Author Bill Weiner on 07-01-2001 at 22:18 (EST)
1) Give me the URL, browser, and OS that you are using and I will look at it.

2) That is not something controllable by the applets. It would be an issue with your browser/memory.

3) Printing from an unsigned Java 1.0 Applet is not possible. Instead you should just use the print option available with the standard order process.

Or as another option, you may be able to word the instructions on the dynamically generated "display_cart.html" page such that the customer can print the cart from there. (I believe most browser will allow printing that page).

4) Yes, that would be nice. But unfortunately that is not possible with Java Applets at this time.

5) I'm not sure why you would want to hide that button.... Without an "Add" button, there wouldn't be any way to actually add the item to the cart.
         2. Fix problems and suggestions
        Author Albert Poon on 07-02-2001 at 06:32 (EST)
My test site is:
and check the link Configure PC

In one of my PC's , it runs W98(2), MSIE5.5 SP1, and the PC is just a Pentium 133 with 80MB RAM. It has the problem of price sometimes being not displayed in Applet uShopInput17. I don't know whether the problem occurs because of the fact that I've many Applet 17 on this page!

Currently I haven't setup any ordering process as yet. So people has to copy the Cart and email the computer configurations to me for enquiries or price confirmation, that's why I would like the cart to be printed or copied.

Similarly, adding items to the Cart for uShopInput7 is not necessary (unless the cart can be copied or printed), I just use it as a display function only. You can check this page in:

Right now I put "Price includes all taxes" in the button, but it is really not necessary.

Thanks for your help.

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