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Custom Email Notification Templates

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Future Features WishList
Aug-21-18 12:55 AM EST
Original Message
Custom Email Notification Templates
Author James on 05-03-2001 at 20:41 (EST)
Hi Bill,
I think it would be great to have custom email notification templates for both customer and merchant. I have had no problem editing the script to include custom information, contact etc. as well as including the invoice number in the message subject field. The problem is that the customer as well as the merchant receives the same message content which is not necessary for the merchant.

It would also be very nice to include the Payment Method (only) so the merchant will know before entering reader.

Thanks again,

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  RE: Custom Email Notification Templates Bill Weiner, 2001-05-03 22:31:21 (1)
            Good idea but schwab ralf, 2001-05-09 11:59:40 (2)
                 RE: Good idea but Bill Weiner, 2001-05-09 20:15:22 (3)
                      Thank you schwab ralf, 2001-05-10 10:55:25 (4)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Custom Email Notification Templates
        Author Bill Weiner on 05-03-2001 at 22:31 (EST)
We'll look into adding that feature to a future release. But for now, here is some information at that may help if customizing the script yourself:

TIP1) The emails are send from the "complete_order" subroutine of the file.

TIP2) If you do a search on:

# Send receipt

... you should be able to locate where exactly the emails are sent.

TIP3) You can override the "$receipt_text" variable to adjust what gets sent to the storeowner and what gets sent to the customer.

TIP4) The payment method can be obtained via the variable $payment_method.
                 2. Good idea but
                Author schwab ralf on 05-09-2001 at 11:59 (EST)
Hi there,

good idea, for many people it is no problem
to customize the script.
But i think it is always much work to make
changes to the script, when there comes a
new release.
If i have made some changes it is verry difficult
to find all the positions (where i have made
a change) in the newer script.
Have you some suggestions how to handle this ?

best regards

schwab ralf
                         3. RE: Good idea but
                        Author Bill Weiner on 05-09-2001 at 20:15 (EST)
If you're just looking for a way to mark any changes that you make to the script (so that you can make them again in any future updates), I would suggest just using the # sign to add some comments. For example, before every change you make to the script, you could add a line like this:


... then whenever you download an update, you can do a search on "# MODIFIED BY ME" in order to find all of the changes that you made.

Again, that # sign indicates that everything to the right of it is just a comment.
                                 4. Thank you
                                Author schwab ralf on 05-10-2001 at 10:55 (EST)
Thank you, good idea

best regards

schwab ralf

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