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Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Future Features WishList
Jul-15-18 11:12 PM EST
Original Message
Author Thomas Schilling on 04-25-2001 at 19:29 (EST)
Dear Programmers

After having installed 3 different ushops, here are some of my suggestions:

- Quantity needs to be editable in the big Java cart. Remove/Remove All just isn't enough!
- Product ID's should be linkable to the products own page.
- On the display_cart.html the formating of the table dents (ID, NAME, DESCRIPTION, WT etc.) is set to Middle. This - combined with the text that comes after it - gives a very unprofessional look, especially when the customers print their receipts, because all the gathered data from the shopping cart is set to Align Left!
- For the german version instead of using the abreviation GT (for the english WT) as a default, use GW because nobody so far understood what GT stands for (german 'Gewicht') but everybody agreed on GW.
- As there are still many European countries that do speak the same languages but have different currencies please include a conversion function in the ushopInitialize so customers can choose their prefered currency and all prizes in the applets would change by a conversion factor.
- Please give us a simple ushopInput applet that contains Prize, Quantity and Order Button.
- Eliminate that extra step from the Java Cart to the HTML cart, I want to go to the order form right away and choose if I want to see the products at the bottom of the form.
- And finally: the outdated Netscape 4.x is still the only browser that works with uShop and a Macintosh. Even if most customers use PC's I know many programmers in the MacOS field and they would love your software.

If you really read so far you're a superman. Thank you!


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  RE: HickHack Bill Weiner, 2001-04-25 22:50:10 (1)
            What a relief Thomas Schilling, 2001-05-04 04:20:53 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: HickHack
        Author Bill Weiner on 04-25-2001 at 22:50 (EST)
Thanks for the suggestions. We'll see what we can do. Just a couple comments:

1) You can use the uShopInitialize applet's "cart_label_weight" parameter to change "GT" to "GW".

2) Check out the 1/25/2001 posting at:

The uShopInput3B applet listed there may be what you are looking for.
                 2. What a relief
                Author Thomas Schilling on 05-04-2001 at 04:20 (EST)
The uShopInput3B is exactly what I am looking for! You should integrate it into the standard software package!!!

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