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Item Quantity Support (Inventory?)

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Future Features WishList
Aug-20-18 10:49 PM EST
Original Message
Item Quantity Support (Inventory?)
Author Brian Levine on 08-07-2000 at 09:30 (EST)
I know that this is branching into the area of inventory control, but it would be super useful to be able to set a quantity on hand for an item, which the item applets could poll so that when the quantity reached zero, the add button could disable itself and an out of stock message displayed.

Hey, you said that this was a wish list

Table Of Contents
  RE: Item Quantity Support (Inventory?) Bill Weiner, 2000-08-07 16:03:43 (1)
            Why its important Brian Levine, 2000-08-11 07:54:28 (2)
                 RE: Why its important Bill Weiner, 2000-08-11 10:15:19 (3)
                      Applets and Inventory Brian Levine, 2000-08-14 13:30:01 (4)
                           RE: Applets and Inventory Bill Weiner, 2000-08-14 15:54:34 (5)
                                disable the buy button YES! Shawn Erikson, 2001-08-11 16:07:12 (6)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Item Quantity Support (Inventory?)
        Author Bill Weiner on 08-07-2000 at 16:03 (EST)
Yea, that really is kind of getting into the database/inventory control area...which would require a way for the storeowner to update the inventory quantities after the approval of an order.... which also opens up a couple other cans of worms.....But never say never :^) We'll see...
                 2. Why its important
                Author Brian Levine on 08-11-2000 at 07:54 (EST)
Well, I'm not really that concerned with inventory control (though, ultimately, it would be nice to tie the shopping cart to an inventory system). What I'm most concerned about is not allowing a customer to order an item that is not in stock. I really cannot do real-time credit card transactions unless I can prevent customers from ordering items that aren't in stock, and it would be a real pain to have to update the web pages everytime something wasn't in stock.

Of course, its probably going to take a servlet to do this, since applets have limited ability to write data.

But frankly, I'm not sure what other new functionality you'd consider a higher priority than this. Maybe its time for a poll.
                         3. RE: Why its important
                        Author Bill Weiner on 08-11-2000 at 10:15 (EST)
Well, with the release of uShop API in uShop 3.0, you can always write your own Java Applet or JavaScript to interface with uShop and meet your needs.

Others have also written their own CGI utilities to manage their product pages...and even dynamically generate the product pages with the uShop applets on them based on their inventory database.

Or lastly, since it still comes down to the storeowner approving the order before the inventory is actually might want to go with a more form-driven shopping system ... like our uStorekeeper shopping system ... which allows the storeowner to makechanges without having to touch/know any HTML.
                                 4. Applets and Inventory
                                Author Brian Levine on 08-14-2000 at 13:30 (EST)
I can see writing an applet that queries a database in order to get information (ID, price, image, quantity on hand). The issue would be how to update the quantity when the buyer hits the buy button. I don't know how that could be done in an applet, with all the security restrictions placed on it.

But, as long as I can keep the DB updated, all I really want from the applet is to disable the buy button and maybe change the description to "Out of Stock" if the quantity on hand is 0. I think that this should be feasible.

Are you going to have a location where user developed applets can be placed?
                                         5. RE: Applets and Inventory
                                        Author Bill Weiner on 08-14-2000 at 15:54 (EST)
User developed applets/tools will be listed on this new reference page:

And in regard to updating the quantity when the customer hits the add/buy probably shouldn't be done at that time in case the order is aborted or declined. There would probably have to be an "Approve" order feature where the storeowner can approve the transaction and have the product DB updated at that time. TBD....
                                                 6. disable the buy button YES!
                                                Author Shawn Erikson on 08-11-2001 at 16:07 (EST)
I found this thread and Brian Levine is looking for that same feature I was dreaming of. "I really cannot do real-time credit card transactions unless I can prevent customers from ordering items that aren't in stock". Updating pages and removing applets often is tiresome.

I have had Ushop for a few years now and this would be a valuable feature for me.


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