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Category Discounts

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Future Features WishList
Aug-19-18 12:03 PM EST
Original Message
Category Discounts
Author James on 07-25-2000 at 18:12 (EST)
Is it possible to target categories for discounts? Some merchants have many product lines but only wish to discount certain lines. Maybe a category and sub-category parameter tag for product listings to identify.

This is one of the more interesting carts I have seen in quite a while.


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  RE: Category Discounts Bill Weiner, 2000-07-26 05:29:04 (1)
            Re: Coupon Discounts James, 2000-07-26 11:03:10 (2)
                 Re: Coupon Discounts Bill Weiner, 2000-07-27 04:50:22 (3)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Category Discounts
        Author Bill Weiner on 07-26-2000 at 05:29 (EST)
Thanks for the suggestion. We actually have added a similar (but not exact) feature into uShop 3.0 - which is due out on July 31, 2000. The feature that I am referring to is the ability to assign a "classification" to each product so that the storeowner can setup quantity/price discounts such as "Buy any three CDs for $10.00 each"...where the classification of all CDs would have been set to something like "CD" to identify those products has belonging to the "CD" category.

Also, in addition to having a discount applet that is similar to the discount applet included with uShop 2.0, uShop 3.0 has two new discount options:

1) The ability to customize your own discount calculation by writing a JavaScript that uses the uShop Interface API. (An example is provided).

2) A new "Coupon Manager" feature that allows storeowners to create coupons with expiration dates.
                 2. Re: Coupon Discounts
                Author James on 07-26-2000 at 11:03 (EST)
That is great. I was think along the same lines. Their actually should be 2 "Classification" fields 1 for category ID another for product line/maunufacturer/vendor ID. I think that would give complete control over discounts.

What about multiple classifications, would comma delimiters work?

This is a great cart. I have used many carts, this seems to be the best, most flexible with minimal effort to install and at a reasonable price. I am definitely going to look into reseller program. I have many clients that will want to use this cart.

If I purchase V2 will V3 and beyond upgrades be free?

Thanks, keep up the good work,
                         3. Re: Coupon Discounts
                        Author Bill Weiner on 07-27-2000 at 04:50 (EST)
Thanks for the nice compliments!

As for multiple classifications, well the new classification field can be any TEXT you want (including commas) but the new price/quatity discount feature will really just treat it as one classification.... So in other words, not at this time.

As for an upgrading from uShop 2.0, there are two serious choices we had to make:

1) For the first time since we released uShop in 1997, the uShop 3.0 is not backwards compatible with previous versions of uShop. uShop 3.0 will work pretty much the same as previous versions, however, you won't just be able to upgrade older stores by just replacing the class files (as was possible in previous upgrades) - you actually have to change some HTML and install the new uShop CGI script.

2) Also for the first time since we released uShop in 1997, we are going to be charging a small fee to upgrade from previous versions of uShop. The cost to upgrade to uShop 3.0 will be $49 (US).

And one last note, due to the large number of features that have been added to uShop 3.0 such as built-in interfaces to Authorize.Net, Planet Payment, and LinkPoint, a new Coupon Manager feature, it's own Affiliate Tracking System, the new developer's kit, and many other general improvements - the price of uShop will be $199 (US) - which will be an increase for most people - unless you were planning to use one of the built-in payment processing systems, in which case it actually got cheaper because you don't have to buy the $100 Add-On any more.

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