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Combining the features of ushop and ustore

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Future Features WishList
Aug-15-18 12:05 AM EST
Original Message
Combining the features of ushop and ustore
Author Peter Wickman on 02-11-2000 at 11:39 (EST)
I am using uShop to build a shopping cart but find that some of the features are limited, i.e., total number of items that can be purchased at one time (why 20?), no way to adjust the quantity of items purchased once entered into the cart (the REMOVE button solves only part of the problem), customized messages to be sent to the various entities involved in the purchase. Many of these items are offered in the uStore product but it does not have the easy to use interface of uShop.

Anything in the works to make the two fit together. Perhaps as an upgrade to uShop.

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  features charlie edmunds, 2000-02-11 17:41:01 (1)
  RE: Combining the features of uShop and uStorekeeper Microburst Technologies, Inc., 2000-02-12 12:30:19 (2)
            A true comparison would be helpful Duster, 2000-04-28 20:29:25 (3)
                 RE: A true comparison would be helpful Bill Weiner, 2000-04-29 05:45:02 (4)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. features
        Author charlie edmunds on 02-11-2000 at 17:41 (EST)

The 20 item limit has to do with IE limitations and the "GET" method. uShop uses java applets on the client which give you a wide variety of input options. uStorekeeper was designed (intentionally) without client side java. This to avoid installation and browser compatibility problems. MS and Netscape have both have been inconsistent in supporting java through thier JVMs. We may do one more major upgrade to uShop (which would address some of the shortcomings). uStorekeeper will be evolved but no incorportation of the two together are planned.

We have some higher end products in the works but won't releasing them for some time.

Charlie Edmunds
Microburst Technologies, Inc.
         2. RE: Combining the features of uShop and uStorekeeper
        Author Microburst Technologies, Inc. on 02-12-2000 at 12:30 (EST)
You can see a comparison of uShop and uStorekeeper at:
                 3. A true comparison would be helpful
                Author Duster on 04-28-2000 at 20:29 (EST)
The information on that page is a brief description of each program, not a real comparison of features. Some practical information, including benefits, would be helpful, especially given that there is only a $20 difference between uShop with an interface and uStorekeeper, which includes it.

It would help to know why someone would choose one program over another and if there is any compatibility between the two. For instance, if someone starts with uShop, are the input applets compatible with uStorekeeper or do they have to start all over again if they wish to switch to it? THAT is a comparison, not the meager information on that page.
                         4. RE: A true comparison would be helpful
                        Author Bill Weiner on 04-29-2000 at 05:45 (EST)
The page at:

Does describe the difference between uShop and uStorekeeper. It basically states that they are designed for two different types of storeowners - uShop for the storeowner who wants total flexiblity when laying out his/her store pages and who is not afraid to use HTML - and uStorekeeper for the storeowner who just wants a solid and complete ecommerce solution without having to program any HTML.

If you want to know specific features of either product, that page links to the complete reference site of either product....each of which has it's own detailed "Features" page and each of which has it's own Trial Version.

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