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Horrible Support Here!!!!

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Future Features WishList
Jul-22-18 02:21 PM EST
Original Message
Horrible Support Here!!!!
Author Randy on 01-24-2000 at 10:50 (EST)
Why are there SO MANY unanswered questions in this forum? You've had two weeks in some instances! Reply to the darn messages!

Table Of Contents
  un-answered messages charlie edmunds, 2000-01-24 18:57:17 (1)
            Support Paul Abernathy, 2000-08-04 06:56:39 (3)
            Why ALL replies should be posted Kevin Dare, 2001-11-06 23:31:04 (9)
  RE: Horrible Support Here!!!! Paul Hewson, 2000-02-15 21:43:27 (2)
  You're mistaken Randy andrewsilvestri, 2000-08-04 22:53:32 (4)
  Support Eric J. White, 2001-01-17 15:18:36 (5)
            Support is Good! James, 2001-01-22 23:34:11 (6)
  Best support ever seen Schwab Ralf, 2001-03-21 17:31:06 (7)
  again? chris, 2001-06-28 16:40:05 (8)
  Great Support! jdempsey, 2002-03-13 18:34:23 (10)
            uBurst Support Brian Levine, 2002-03-20 09:06:16 (11)
                 RE: uBurst Support" Bill Weiner, 2002-03-20 21:58:47 (12)
                      Unanswered Questions Brian Levine, 2002-03-22 12:37:11 (13)
                           RE: Unanswered Questions Bill Weiner, 2002-03-24 09:40:02 (14)
                                Future Feature Request Brian Levine, 2002-03-25 10:50:43 (15)
                                     RE: Future Feature Request Bill Weiner, 2002-03-26 06:14:22 (16)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. un-answered messages
        Author charlie edmunds on 01-24-2000 at 18:57 (EST)
Many times people e-mail in addition to posting to the forum. They do this at the same time. It doubles the amount of support effort. We don't have time to support both. Do you have a problem that need help with?

Charlie Edmunds
Microburst Technologies, Inc.
                 3. Support
                Author Paul Abernathy on 08-04-2000 at 06:56 (EST)
What is wrong with that guy, you guys have WONDERFUL support. I am not sure what that person is talking about but since I have been using USHOP i have had all my questions answered and been very helpful. Keep up the good work and you are correct Mr. Edmunds..I do most of my requests by e-mail and so I can see what some posts here are not would be answering guys do a wonderful job:) the shopping cart has made me a wealthy man in the fact it was simple and easy to use..and reliable! that is the key..most hosted carts are always down..costing me sales..but being that It's mine on my secure server...I don't lose a thing...thanks you all for being their:)
                 9. Why ALL replies should be posted
                Author Kevin Dare on 11-06-2001 at 23:31 (EST)
I don't disagree with the support given, but if a message has been posted in a forum, surely the answer can be cut and pasted into the forum as well. Besides being used to answer the original enquirers message, other developers use the forum to troubleshoot their site. If the answer is shown, then they don't have to re-ask the question, and surely that would SAVE support time.
         2. RE: Horrible Support Here!!!!
        Author Paul Hewson on 02-15-2000 at 21:43 (EST)
What's wrong with you! I've used at least 6 different shopping carts and by far, THIS IS THE BEST SUPPORT I'VE EVER SEEN!


Whether I post my question to the forum or actually submit a support request...I always get a reply with detailed information about what I did wrong and how to fix the problem. Support here is A+!!!

PS. The incredible reference site is awesome too!
         4. You're mistaken Randy
        Author andrewsilvestri on 08-04-2000 at 22:53 (EST)
The support here is great. I've been using UShop since it first came out. I always got the help I needed in a thorough, polite manner. In fact when the biggest problem I had was with my ISP they even helped me around the lack of support I was getting there and it wasn't even their problem.
I've just upgraded one cart to 3.0 and am going to upgrade the other that I have as well. The people here should be used as a benchmark of what good support should be.
         5. Support
        Author Eric J. White on 01-17-2001 at 15:18 (EST)
While I am a new customer to UShop, I'm an old customer to some other software packages. I'm sorry Randy is experiencing a problem. But here's the thing: the package only costs $199, compared to up to $250,000.00 (yes that's dollars) of someother shopping software I've seen. Now, granted, it doesn't have the features level, but the next closest package that compares in my opinion is about $750. The support is free, and the package is cheap. (Note to Bill: that doesn't mean raise the price Anyhow, I have no reason to complain about ushop. They helped me, even when it was my fault, and inability to find the answer.
                 6. Support is Good!
                Author James on 01-22-2001 at 23:34 (EST)
I agree, Bill is very swift to respond to posts as well as email. I also agree on the feature level, and the proactivity to make improvements. I forget how many ideas they have use I have requested for clients within just the last 6 months.

I have also developed a mysql administration and store / query interface with the uShop that the merchants seem to like very well. I have added cross selling features, specials postings and other features. The merchants do not have to do any coding, all form input. These really work well together, I think rivals those big carts in many respects and at an affordable price. The uShop features are tops.. You can get pretty creative with the flexibility.

Great Stuff!
         7. Best support ever seen
        Author Schwab Ralf on 03-21-2001 at 17:31 (EST)
Hi there,

fact is, that the support at
is the best i have ever had.
thats all to say...

         8. again?
        Author chris on 06-28-2001 at 16:40 (EST)
Didn't he post this a few months back?
         10. Great Support!
        Author jdempsey on 03-13-2002 at 18:34 (EST)
Try getting ANY answer from Microsoft or Linkpoint (Card Service International) much less a solution to your problem or having the problem actually adressed.

I've found "small" software companies and even freeware supported better than the big corporations. AND. . You have the source code to tweek and modify as you want or need.

Besides doing webdev, I also answer questions on my own forums. It is easy to miss a question. Or set it aside to research the answer. And sometimes you just don't know.

OR as is often the case as mentioned above, users ask the question on the forum, get impatient and then send a duplicate e-mail. I try to post the answer on my forums AND send the email, but it is time consuming.

Give em a break!

Thank you uburst for a wonderfuly flexible program and great support!
                 11. uBurst Support
                Author Brian Levine on 03-20-2002 at 09:06 (EST)
I've had plenty of answers made quickly and a few that never get answered.

My assumption is that if a question is never replied to, its because the answer is already posted in someone else's question.

If that's the case, replying with a link to a previous thread would be nice, though.
                         12. RE: uBurst Support"
                        Author Bill Weiner on 03-20-2002 at 21:58 (EST)
Which question(s) did you post that weren't answered?
                                 13. Unanswered Questions
                                Author Brian Levine on 03-22-2002 at 12:37 (EST)
Look down about 10 questions.
                                         14. RE: Unanswered Questions
                                        Author Bill Weiner on 03-24-2002 at 09:40 (EST)
You aren't asking any question there. You're just listing some future features that you would like to see. No reply needed.
                                                 15. Future Feature Request
                                                Author Brian Levine on 03-25-2002 at 10:50 (EST)
Yes, but a simple reply, such as "Good idea!" or "Bunch of Crap!!!", means that someone actually read it. No answer means...well, nothing.
                                                         16. RE: Future Feature Request
                                                        Author Bill Weiner on 03-26-2002 at 06:14 (EST)
We usually do NOT reply to postings in the "Future Feature" forum unless the posting is asking a question and/or if we have any suggestions for work-arounds that can meet the suggestion/request now.

In any case, all items posted to the "Future Feature" forum are added to our future feature wish list. When we are working on a release, we'll see which one's we can fit in and/or if they are feasible.

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