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Database Connectivity

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Future Features WishList
Jul-22-18 02:14 PM EST
Original Message
Database Connectivity
Author Ryan on 04-22-2002 at 11:38 (EST)
In future releases of uShop, I would like to see database connectivity added. Be it Mysql, Access or any other database, I would gladly pay more for a uShop version which simplified this process. Maybe even an optional add-on for uShop customers who don't need/want that capability.

Even with this suggestion-wish, I Love your products!


Table Of Contents
  RE: Database Connectivity Bill Weiner, 2002-04-23 04:40:03 (1)
            Database Connectivity Brian Levine, 2002-04-23 12:07:34 (2)
                 Database Connectivity Ryan, 2002-04-25 13:34:38 (3)
                      Database Connectivity Brian Levine, 2002-04-25 13:46:58 (4)
                           Connecting to a DB Shane Evans, 2002-12-03 23:41:17 (5)
                                Windows/Access/SQL Solution Brian Levine, 2002-12-17 08:22:56 (6)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Database Connectivity
        Author Bill Weiner on 04-23-2002 at 04:40 (EST)
Thanks for the suggestion ... and for the nice compliments.

In regard to adding built-in database connectivity to uShop, we have refrained from doing so in the past primarily due to everyone having their own custom database requirements ... but also due to other factors such as difficulties of supporting multiple server platforms. Perhaps in a future release, however, we will offer an optional and canned database interface for those who are interested and don't have tons of specific database requirements... but in the meantime, any database interfaces will just have to continue to be handled external to uShop. (Usually via a CGI/PHP/ASP script that interfaces with the custom database and dynamically generates the product pages with the uShop applets on them.)
                 2. Database Connectivity
                Author Brian Levine on 04-23-2002 at 12:07 (EST)
Check out the Database Ideas Forum. Myself and others are connecting uShop to a database with not a lot of effort, and it is definately worth doing.
                         3. Database Connectivity
                        Author Ryan on 04-25-2002 at 13:34 (EST)
I checked out Brian's solution to connecting a database to uShop. Microburst support even sent me the letter he wrote explaining what he did.

Honestly, I got uShop because I because of its ease and the code that was in Brian's explaination went VOOM! right over my head. I couldn't tell you the difference between PHP, ASP, or any of the other things out there.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it worked for him and others, but I'm using Access (easy for me to use) and ASP (automatically generated by Dreamweaver UltraDev) and I have no way of modifying what he did or even know how to.

The canned add-on that was mentioned would be perfect as I can get my database on the web myself, I just need to get the parameters to auto fill from the database - hopefully without a lot (any) of coding 8-). Just tell me what the fields names need to be and I'm a super happy camper!

Thanks for you post Brian and thanks for the great support!
                                 4. Database Connectivity
                                Author Brian Levine on 04-25-2002 at 13:46 (EST)
Heh...I guess that I assumed a bit of programming knowledge in my document. I have to admit that I've never been thrilled with Access as a hard-core databse engine, particularly in a multi-user environment. But if you're running an NT server, its probably your easiest (and most supported) solution.

C'mon NT developers...surely one of you can take my PHP/MySQL code samples and come up with a comparable example using ASP/Access. People are waiting.
                                         5. Connecting to a DB
                                        Author Shane Evans on 12-03-2002 at 23:41 (EST)
There still a need for a Windows/Access/SQL solution here?
                                                 6. Windows/Access/SQL Solution
                                                Author Brian Levine on 12-17-2002 at 08:22 (EST)
Not so much that, as an ASP solution. I've added some sample ASP code to my uShop/database document a while ago, but it wasn't very thoroughly tested.

In the meantime, I am still working (single-handedly) on my inventory management system, which integrates uShop with an Inventory Control/Invoicing/Ordering system (written in VB) which is designed to work with any back-end database, and use either PHP or ASP as the scripting language for the catalog pages. I still need help with this, though I have a good deal already written.

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