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Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : CGI Script Related Problems
Jul-21-18 11:18 AM EST
Original Message problems
Author lee on 10-08-2002 at 21:23 (EST)
hi all. I am a newbie and will demonstrate here most likely. I am having problems logging into the control panel. I have uploaded correctly ( i think) as I can view the page but when i use my password I recieve the 500 internal error. my setup is as follows:
# 5. What is the full or relative path to your data directory?
$data_directory = "./data/";
# 4. What is the secure URL of this script?
$secure_script_url = "

i also seem to have my "continue" button point to Ushops demo page was I am finished reviewing an order. In my "tutorial_orderform.html" I changed the value to VALUE=""> and it continues to hit ushops site...Any help would be much appreciated!!!!!

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  RE: problems Bill Weiner, 2002-10-09 05:45:30 (1)
   lee, 2002-10-09 08:09:49 (2)
                 RE: Bill Weiner, 2002-10-10 04:33:13 (3)
                      almost -secure_url link lee, 2002-10-10 14:12:53 (4)
                           RE: almost -secure_url link Bill Weiner, 2002-10-11 05:10:43 (5)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: problems
        Author Bill Weiner on 10-09-2002 at 05:45 (EST)
First in regard to the internal server error that you are getting:

You can check out item #2 on the following test page for some tips on resolving internal server errors:

But from just looking at the information that you gave... which may just be a typo in your posting to this forum... I notice that you list the secure URL as:

$secure_script_url = "

Note that it is missing the final double-quote and semicolon. It should be:

$secure_script_url = "";

If that doesn't resolve the problem for you, I would suggest trying to install the test script described at:

That test script is the most basic of CGI scripts... and so by going through the exercise of installing it, you will find out if there are any special things you need to do in order to execute CGI scripts on your server.

Secondly, in regard to continuing to uShop's Demo page:

The "script_url" parameter of your uShopOrderButton applet should be pointing to the full URL of the script installed on your server. For example:

< PARAM NAME="script_url" VALUE="" >

Double-check that setting ... and if it is correct, then make sure that you exited/restarted your browser after correcting that URL.
                Author lee on 10-09-2002 at 08:09 (EST)
hello again..

I have tried the test script, it works fine:

I have:
or set to 755

the two paths that seem to be important are:

# 4. What is the secure URL of this script?
$secure_script_url = "";

# 5. What is the full or relative path to your data directory?
$data_directory = "./data/";

I emailed my service provider and they state the path is :

./data/ would be the relative path. /home/username/www/cgi-bin/data would be the full path. Replace 'username' with your actual username.

Should I have to try the second or full path?
thanks again for the help..

                         3. RE:
                        Author Bill Weiner on 10-10-2002 at 04:33 (EST)
By going to the URL of your uShop Script at:

.... I see that you successfully get the uShop Login Screen. So that's good.

However, by trying to go to the SECURE (https) URL of your uShop Script at:

(Based on your $secure_script_url setting)

.... it appears that you do not have a secure certicate setup on your site... so you cannot access the site via "https".

This is also true with your cgitest script:

... works, but:

... does not work.

You'll need to consult your web hosting provider to get secure certificate setup... but in the meantime, you can run uShop from your PUBLIC (http) server by changing your $secure_script_url setting to start with "http" instead of "https":

# 4. What is the secure URL of this script?
$secure_script_url = "";
                                 4. almost -secure_url link
                                Author lee on 10-10-2002 at 14:12 (EST)
Thanks for your help I have been set up with SSL. This is the message I get from my provider

Dear User,

We have added SSL capabilities using our certificate on your server.

The URL of you secure directory is .

The files in this directory are the same as /home/leeschil/www/ .

How will the new script read?
Thanks again of course..
                                         5. RE: almost -secure_url link
                                        Author Bill Weiner on 10-11-2002 at 05:10 (EST)
Ok, then similar to how you can access the test script securely via the URL:

You will access the uShop CGI script the same way. Thus, you should set the $secure_script_url to the following:

# 4. What is the secure URL of this script?
$secure_script_url = "";

The secure URL:

Is alse the URL you should use when logging in.

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