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AuthNet Script Problem

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : CGI Script Related Problems
Jul-19-18 09:03 PM EST
Original Message
AuthNet Script Problem
Author Cheryl on 07-23-2000 at 12:48 (EST)
I have set up other web sites with your shopping cart who get their order via email, not using AuthNet, so I know the Ushop cart works. However, in this instance I have purchased the Auth Net interface script from you and everything is working fine with THIS exception:
When a customer orders from the site, they get a Socket Error, which leads them to believe their order did not go through. They get no receipt page or email. However, the order shows up in the orders file on the server, Auth Net has an Auto Capture. Also, the site owner gets email from Auth Net saying this was approved, but nothing from the website WITH the actual order on it NOR does the customer get email from the website. I'm running NT, have set the sockets to 1 & 1 respectively, tried setting them at 2 & 1 respectively, and at 1 & 2 respectively. As per my ISP, he says he is not running BLAT. Please help ASAP as I'm about to lose a rather large account due to this malfunction!

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  RE: AuthNet Script Problem Bill Weiner, 2000-07-23 13:57:32 (1)

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         1. RE: AuthNet Script Problem
        Author Bill Weiner on 07-23-2000 at 13:57 (EST)
So the problem is basically that the script is not sending email from your NT server - correct? Is that the same server where you have setup other uShop sites? If so, then I would suggest making a comparison to the to other uShop scripts that you have on that server and which are successfully sending email. If not, then make sure you have tried the suggestions at:

If your mail server is not allowing SOCKET connections and your server does not have Blat, do you know of any other method that Perl scripts are supposed to use in order to send email from your server? Perhaps WindMail?

In the mean time, you can just have Authorize.Net handle sending the email receipt to the customer by doing a search on the following line:

$x_Email_Customer = "FALSE";

And making sure the value is set to "TRUE".

You can also temporarily disable the uShop email (to prevent the SOCKET error) by doing a seach on the subroutine mail_order:

sub mail_order

and commenting out the following line:


by putting a pound (#) sign in front of it such as:


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