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Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : CGI Script Related Problems
Jul-19-18 08:29 PM EST
Original Message generating server error
Author Henry on 04-12-2000 at 05:50 (EST)

I'm new to uShop doing my first steps - although
having some experience with other cgi-scripts running on this server.

I have generated the with the
CGI-Wizard and uploaded it as ASCII to the cgi
directory, chmod 755 to it.
Yes the #! is in front of the /cgi/bin/perl
Yes the is in front of the mails address @
The sendmail path is like in my other cgi-scripts.
The is working just fine.

I have generated the orders directory, but
I have not uploaded any other uShop-files so far.
Are there other files needed to do the cgi test ?

I have 2 other working cgi script on and the later also use sendmail.

Any help is appreciated


Table Of Contents
  RE: generating server error Bill Weiner, 2000-04-12 08:00:57 (1)
            Re: Sever error in CGI script henry, 2000-04-12 09:12:42 (2)
            Re: Sever error in CGI script Henry, 2000-04-12 09:27:55 (3)
                 Re: Sever error in CGI script Bill Weiner, 2000-04-12 09:58:58 (4)
                      Re: Sever error in CGI script Henry, 2000-04-12 11:15:03 (5)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: generating server error
        Author Bill Weiner on 04-12-2000 at 08:00 (EST)
It sounds like you have done everything right and the fact that you have other CGI scripts running on your server also eliminates some possible problems.

When do you see the "server error"? When just trying to get the copyright page....or not until you actually try placing an order? That is, when you go to the URL of the script on your server, do you successfully get the "uShop Copyright" page similar to when you go to the URL of the script on our site:

Or is that when the server error is generated?

What I think the problem may be is the version of Perl being used. We wrote the uShop CGI script in Perl 4 in anticipation that Perl 5 would be backwards-compatitible...which Perl 5 is supposed to be...however, we have seen some versions of Perl 5 cause problems. (Usually such a problem is indicated by an "incomplete set of headers" error).

In anycase, if possible try using Perl 4 and see if that corrects the problem.

Note that most web hosting providers will provide two paths to to Perl 4 and one to Perl 5. For example:

The path to Perl 4 may be:

While the path to Perl 5 may be:

You can check with your web hosting provider.
                 2. Re: Sever error in CGI script
                Author henry on 04-12-2000 at 09:12 (EST)
Hello Bill,

the error is with the "uShop Copyright" page.
On this Server PERL5 is used. There is no PERL4
available anymore. The old PERL file is also linked to PERL5.

So, you think I have to look for a different server ?

                 3. Re: Sever error in CGI script
                Author Henry on 04-12-2000 at 09:27 (EST)

I have installed the on a different server - there it works. So what is
it that does not work with PERL5 (if this is the

                         4. Re: Sever error in CGI script
                        Author Bill Weiner on 04-12-2000 at 09:58 (EST)
We're not exactly sure. Perl 5 is supposed to be backwards compatible with Perl 4 ... and with some versions of Perl 5, that appears to be true. (Ie. the script does run fine on some servers with Perl 5). The ushop_cgiscript doesn't use any special libraries and the functions that it uses itself are pretty basic and were not deprecated in Perl 5.

In fact, the only thing in the script that I am aware of that is "Perl version-specific" is the use of "my" instead of "local" in one of the subroutines. "my" is new to Perl 5 and can be used in place of "local" to limit the scope of variables. Again, this is new to Perl 5, so if anything, I would have guessed that it would work in Perl 5 but not Perl 4.

In any case, we did try removing the remaining use of "my" and replacing it with "local"....however, it didn't correct the Perl 5 problem....and the Perl 4 version seems to work whether the "my"s are in or out. (Probably because the function calls are never more than one level deep).

So in other words, why some versions of Perl 5 have a problem with the script....I'm not sure.

Perl 4 always seems to work.

                                 5. Re: Sever error in CGI script
                                Author Henry on 04-12-2000 at 11:15 (EST)

thanks for the information. I think I just
run the cgi script on a PERL4 server.

I realy appreciate the fast response to
my question.

Thanks again

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