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uShopOrderCGI Not found

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : CGI Script Related Problems
Aug-19-18 12:02 PM EST
Original Message
uShopOrderCGI Not found
Author mitch0331 on 01-31-2000 at 14:52 (EST)
LAST EDITED ON Jan-31-00 AT 03:04 PM (EST)

I downloaded your lite copy on 1/30/00 and am trying to configure and test before purchasing the full version. Here is my situation:
1. I have created a test page with one product which places an item in my cart.
2. I can view the cart with the item.
3. When I try to bring up the order page i get "Gray matter" and if i put my mouse over, my browser gives me the message: load: class uShopOrderCGI Not Found.

The uShopOrderCGI.class is in the directory with my other class file. This is the same directory as the .html files i am using to test.

In addition, (just discovered) when I ftp the file, it changes sixe from 19464 to 19463. the uShopOrderSMTP also changes size. these are the only two class on which this occurs.

I appreciate any help.


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  class files charlie edmunds, 2000-01-31 18:00:24 (1)

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         1. class files
        Author charlie edmunds on 01-31-2000 at 18:00 (EST)
Yep, sounds like a problem with the class files. What mode are you uploading them in? "Raw" or "Binary" is the proper mode for uploading them.

Is the codebase parameter set exactly the same as the other applets?

Charlie Edmunds
Microburst Technologies, Inc.

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