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A blank page displays after placing order...

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : CGI Script Related Problems
Aug-20-18 10:49 PM EST
Original Message
A blank page displays after placing order...
Author dalmasin on 01-22-2000 at 04:13 (EST)
Okay, so this is the deal. After performing some mock-purchases and hitting the SEND ORDER button, a blank page displays. It look's like it was trying to open a page, but instead I get a "cannot open page" in IE. I don't even receive any e-mail. Is the order applet or are the applet parameters messed up?

1) I used WSFTP to upload my scripts and class files (using the ASCII and BINARY options when appropriate.)
2) All class files are referenced using "codebase" in my html pages, since I placed them all in their own directory.
3) I do see the copyright info when typing the url of the script on my browser.
4) I did use the "@" symbol for question 6.
5) Everything "looks" smooth, until I try and send an order. What am I doing wrong here?

I need to know soon, as this website I'm working on is set to launch in a few more days. Thanks for the help!

Table Of Contents
  blank page Christine Edmunds, 2000-01-22 20:32:47 (1)
            url and file structure dalmasin, 2000-01-23 08:22:03 (2)
                 blank page charlie edmunds, 2000-01-23 12:15:37 (3)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. blank page
        Author Christine Edmunds on 01-22-2000 at 20:32 (EST)
Can you send me an url so I can look at your site? Also describe your file structure and where different types of files are located on your server.

                 2. url and file structure
                Author dalmasin on 01-23-2000 at 08:22 (EST)
An example can be found here:

Add that one item to the cart, then place an order. You'll see the blank page that I was describing. Also, while checking my "orders" folder on my server, no orders were received, hence no orders were sent to my sepcified e-mail adress.

File structure:
1) When logging into my server using WSFTP95, my root directory shows the following directories:

2) When I dble-clk onto "www", the "Remote System" status (on WSFTP95) suddenly says /usr/local/etc/httpd. The directory structure here is:

3) Dble-clking onto "htdocs" brings me to where I actually begin placing files for my site.

4) "cgi-bin" is where I placed the file. In this directory are are files such as:, count.cgi,, whois.cgi, and

5) Permissions for my ushop script were first set at:
Owner (Read/Write/Execute), Group (Read/Execute), Other (Read/Execute).
I can only achieve chmod755 by doing this.

6) In this same directory is my "orders" directory, permissions for it were then set at:
Owner (Read/Write/Execute), Group (Write/Execute), Other (Write/Execute).
I can only achieve chmod733 by doing this.

But when I log out and go back into my server, I noticed that the permissions have changed for my cgi script and orders directory. They now read (as well as every other script therein):
Owner (Read/Write), Group (Read), Other (Read).
Resetting the permissions again, then logging out and going back in to re-verify proves futile. I get the same results over and over again. What am I doing wrong? Should I attempt different permission settings irregardless of the chmod# that it displays?

7) You can verify the copyright info on my server at:

I hope that this helps you in anyway. Please let me know if I can supply you with any more information. Thank you!
                         3. blank page
                        Author charlie edmunds on 01-23-2000 at 12:15 (EST)
Are you on an NT (instead of a UNIX) host? If you are, then WS-FTP will not change permissions. You will have to have your host do it. Most of the time you can't even verify it yourself.

Given that, and your are changing permissions on a unix host. Change permissions at the highest level first because many times the lower levels inherit the permissions from above. Then you work your way down the directory tree from there.

As for your blank page: You are pointing at your ushop_cgiscript on the secure server. You should be able to get the copyright info by pointing there. Normally the secure server and regular server do not have the same IP.You may have to wait until the DNS can resolve your domain name. How long has it been since you submitted for your domain? Once the DNS servers can resolve your domain then the only difference will be the http/https followed by your domain name.

I would check with your host about the permissions if you are still having trouble. Also check to make sure that you are pointing to the correct url for the secure server.

Hope this information helps.

Charlie Edmunds
Microburst Technologies, Inc.


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