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Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : CGI Script Related Problems
Aug-15-18 12:07 AM EST
Original Message help
Author Jason Bennett on 01-09-2000 at 22:34 (EST)
Hi All,

I have been trying to get the uShop "" script to work on a
Hypermart server with no success.
I used the uShop unix script wizard and uploaded the file to my cgi-bin
directory as text.
Then I tried to access it and it keep giving me errors. Here is my URL for
the file:

I have the permissions set as 755 on the server.
Here is my other information.

uShop v2.0
perl 5.003 path: /usr/local/bin/perl
sendmail: /var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject

I have tried everything and it will not show up like the test page at:

Does anyone have any experience with uShop and Hypermart?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Table Of Contents
  cgi script charlie edmunds, 2000-01-10 17:36:26 (1)
            cgi-script and hypermart teri, 2000-03-21 00:01:43 (2)
                 additional info for moderator Teri, 2000-03-21 00:15:09 (3)
                      Email Charlie Edmunds, 2000-03-21 20:08:45 (4)
                           e-mail teriann, 2000-04-21 21:29:29 (5)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. cgi script
        Author charlie edmunds on 01-10-2000 at 17:36 (EST)
Hi Jason,

When I try your page I kept a 403 error. It looks like a permission or access problem. They have a cgi support site on Hypermart. You might take a look in there. Verify your permissions again.

uShop is not a difficult script to get working (normally

Charlie Edmunds
Microburst Technologies, Inc.
                 2. cgi-script and hypermart
                Author teri on 03-21-2000 at 00:01 (EST)
I have a site on hypermart server too. I'm still trying to figure out the logistics of the problem. I think maybe Jason might be having the additional problem with hypermart that I am even when he sets his script up properly, thus trying a lot of different things, he's getting other errors on top of the one main problem.

I have the autoresponder there setup properly (I am an ad-free acct.) It works beautifully. The ushop program works fine too. I get the orders fine, the user gets their receipt and thank you note, and then I also get a failure notice in e-mail. The user never gets that--only me--I can live with it, though I'd rather not if there's a solution.

Jason, hang in there, maybe we'll get this thing figured out yet.
                         3. additional info for moderator
                        Author Teri on 03-21-2000 at 00:15 (EST)
Now referring to another message I see posted under another subject---qmail. Here's a FAQ and answer from Hypermart---
Where is your mail program located and how would I use it?
The mail program is located at /var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject You would use it the same way you use
"SendMail", by piping things into it.

Could this be the cgi problem?

                                 4. Email
                                Author Charlie Edmunds on 03-21-2000 at 20:08 (EST)

Since Jason never answered back I assumed that he fixed his problem. You may want to email him and ask him (and find out about his email settings). The 403 error that he was getting would probably not be because of a path problem to email.

If your customer is getting thier email then it sounds like the path to sendmail is correct. Did you remember to escape the ampersand (with a backslash)in question 6 of the ushop_cgiscript? That would cause the situation that you describe.

Hope this info helps you,

Charlie Edmunds

                                         5. e-mail
                                        Author teriann on 04-21-2000 at 21:29 (EST)
I got the problem worked out. Since I use autoresponders and was sending mail to my address, it seems it was doubling up and sending me a qinject error. By having the e-mail address the one where all my mail gets forwarded to anyway, the problem disappeared. So question 6 had to be my-e-mail instead of
So, Jason if you come back here still looking for an answer, just change the answer to question 6 to the e-mail address that you have hypermart forward your mail to. The only problem with that, is that order receipts then show your personal e-mail address. :(


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