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None of my items are being added to the shopping cart.

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Applets are not adding items to Shopping Cart
Aug-19-18 07:42 PM EST
Original Message
None of my items are being added to the shopping cart.
Author Moderator on 09-26-1999 at 18:05 (EST)
None of my items are being added to the shopping cart.

Table Of Contents
  Items not being added to shopping cart. Moderator, 1999-09-26 18:08:14 (1)
  An item is not added when I press the "Add" button. moderator, 1999-09-26 18:12:26 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. Items not being added to shopping cart.
        Author Moderator on 09-26-1999 at 18:08 (EST)
SOLUTION: Are ALL of your HTML pages in the same directory? If not, you
will have to use the CODEBASE parameter to specify the location of the uShop
.class file. Note that it is very important that ALL of the CODEBASE
settings are EXACTLY the same. That is, even if CODEBASE="../classes/" and
CODEBASE="" map to the same directory on
your server, not all browsers will interpret the CODEBASE the same. So make
sure that the CODEBASE is exactly the same in ALL of your applets. See the
following URL for more information about using the CODEBASE parameter:
         2. An item is not added when I press the "Add" button.
        Author moderator on 09-26-1999 at 18:12 (EST)
Assuming that you have the codebase of the .class file handled
properly (as described at, there are a couple
things that may prevent an item from being added to the shopping cart:

1) Double-check the parameters of the input applet that you are using. Be
sure that all of the required parameters have been specified. In
particular, make sure that the price is greater than zero. Also make sure
the whatever currency symbol you are using is on the LEFT side of the price

2) Check your browser's status bar and/or Java Console. Do you see any
message such as: "NoSuchMethodError: uShopProducts: method addProduct"? If
so, this is a good indication that you may not have some of the Trial
Version's .class files still on your particular, the
uShopProducts.class. When upgrading from uShop Lite, remember to replace
ALL of the trial version's .class files with ALL of the new .class files
that come with the full version of uShop.

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