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URGENT! Multiple open windows with ADD applet

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Applets are not adding items to Shopping Cart
Aug-20-18 10:47 PM EST
Original Message
URGENT! Multiple open windows with ADD applet
Author knjay on 12-13-1999 at 18:09 (EST)
I have a frameset with top and bottom frames. The top frame has the SMALL shopcart and the bottom frame is the store with Add and MORE buttons.

Normally it works fine if ADD is pressed from the bottom frame. The item appears correctly in the top.

However, the MORE button performs a JAVA open.window routine that opens a new bare window with the MultiImage applet. (see and select Toys and scroll down to select a MORE button)

The problem is that when you select ADD in the new window, it does not update the Shoppingcart in top frame of the other window. I place the shopcart in the bottom frame as well, just in case it only updates the frame that reffered to the new window. But that cart also was no updated.

Now it gets even more confusing. If you right click on the "CHECKOUT" link in the top frame and OPEN IN NEW WINDOW, then you will see the items added from the bare window and ONLY those items, whether you already had items in your main cart or not. BUT, if you just click on the "CHECKOUT" link, it opens the shoppingcart in the bottom frame and does not show the items added from the Bare window.

I have checked and double checked the codebase params and they are correct. You can view source on all windows and frames to verify. Also, in the same list where the MORE buttons are, there are ADD buttons. Those ADD's work fine from that frame.

We are planning a full launch ASAP and need an answer quick.

Thank you in advance.

Ken Krickbaum

Table Of Contents
  Problems Charlie Edmunds, 1999-12-13 21:13:26 (1)
            WOW! Your right LOL! knjay, 1999-12-13 21:35:52 (2)
  STILL A PROBLEM! knjay, 1999-12-14 02:04:15 (3)
            Still at it! Ken Krickbaum, 1999-12-14 04:24:07 (4)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. Problems
        Author Charlie Edmunds on 12-13-1999 at 21:13 (EST)

I checked out your site and was able to have the shopping cart update from any of the windows. When I went to check out, all the items were there. Did you fix your own problem?

Charlie Edmunds
Microburst Technologies, Inc.
                 2. WOW! Your right LOL!
                Author knjay on 12-13-1999 at 21:35 (EST)
I guess my dev machine just has some class confussion! I went to another machine and it worked. AFTER SPENDING ABOUT 5 HOURS!! LOL

Oh well, was able to cleanup some java while I was at it anyway.

Thanks for the help Charlie and sorry for wastin your time.


Ken Krickbaum
         3. STILL A PROBLEM!
        Author knjay on 12-14-1999 at 02:04 (EST)
Now I have noticed that my 2 NT servers browse the applets correctly and everything is added to the cart fine. HOWEVER, my 2 98 machines will not do it! I have cleared cache, erased the previous classes from internt cache and everything. But still the same prob as my original post when I try them. One is a laptop and one is desktop. Both are running IE5. The only difference that I can see is that I have a Win32 Classes object installed on my NT IE5 but not on the 98 machines. I guess that leads me to wonder if not everyone will be able to perform the function that I am intending to provide. As stated before, we are alsmost to launch time and need to get this straightened out.

Thanks Again.

Ken Krickbaum
                 4. Still at it!
                Author Ken Krickbaum on 12-14-1999 at 04:24 (EST)
OK. I have narrowed down to something. But, I still dont know what that something is. :(

I have my main frameset open ( Toy section)

I click the MORE button on an item and the remote window comes up. If i click add in the remote, then it does nothing. However, if I right click on "The Store Tab" and OPEN IN NEW WINDOW (opens another frameset the same as previous), then I go back to the remote window (which was left open from last frameset) and click add, BAM! it adds the item into the NEW frameset cart. ?????????

More details on the 2 machines that it is doing this on:

IE 5.0 with Microsoft VM

Security and advanced options were reset to Default (same as the IE's on the NT machines that work right with the applets).

Win32 Classes Object is not installed on the 2 98 machines (they are on the NT mcahines because the NT's are not running Microsoft VM, but rather Java VM)


(if you view the time frame of my posts here, then you will see the length of my struggle) :(

Thanks Again,

Ken Krickbaum

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