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Reserved Character

Knowledge Base Lobby : uReserve Support Conference : Future Features WishList
Aug-19-18 12:04 PM EST
Original Message
Reserved Character
Author Walter Cecchini on 12-11-2000 at 09:56 (EST)
A question on behalf of my boss (registered user, Kathy Simioni).

Could the reserved character be changed to an image? And the 'alt' for the image could be the name of the person who reserved the room.... This way, mousing over the reserved image would give you information on the meeting without opening another window.


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  RE: Reserved Character Bill Weiner, 2000-12-11 18:06:33 (1)

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         1. RE: Reserved Character
        Author Bill Weiner on 12-11-2000 at 18:06 (EST)
I like that "alt" idea... unfortunately, the standard script can't do that at this time... but in case you would like to try, here are some steps on how to make a modification to the script:

STEP 1. Make a backup of the script...just in case.

STEP 2. Open the script with any text editor such as WordPad.

STEP 3. Do a search on the following line:

$reserve_icon = '?';

.. And instead of the '?' symbol, put in the FULL URL of the image you want to use. (beginning with "http://")

STEP 4: Do another search on "$reserve_icon" to find the line in the script where the HTML for the icon is outputted. (Within the display_week_graphical() subroutine)

STEP 5: Since that line normally doesn't output the HTML for an'll need to add the < IMG SRC ... > HTML to that line by replacing where it says "$reserve_icon" with the following HTML:

< IMG SRC="$reserve_icon" border=0 alt="$key_value_pairs[$data_index - 5]" >

STEP 6: Save the file (as TEXT if your editor asks) ... and try it out.

If you have any trouble... just send us a support request and I'll be happy to assist with the above mods.

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