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Help with Netscape crashing

Knowledge Base Lobby : uSignIn Support Conference : General Troubleshooting
Aug-19-18 11:41 PM EST
Original Message
Help with Netscape crashing
Author freediver37 on 10-30-1999 at 19:12 (EST)
I am currently doing more development testing with the lite version.

I have several applets running per page, and I have found that Netscape crashes as soon as I try to close it. It also seems to not handle java nearly as well as IE5 - is this a known issue? I have all but given up on developing for netscape for the exact reason of it crashing when accessing the various pages with the applets.

Any comments?


Cliff Etzel

Table Of Contents
  Netscape Crashing Charlie Edmunds, 1999-10-31 05:54:50 (1)
            RE:Netscape Crashing Cliff Etzel, 1999-11-01 01:09:47 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. Netscape Crashing
        Author Charlie Edmunds on 10-31-1999 at 05:54 (EST)
Hi Cliff,

Actually crashing your browser application is very unusual. Netscape browsers offer good support for java applets (uShop). Ironically the few compatibility issues are related to IE (and have been fixed in later releases of uShop. I would suspect that you have a machine specific issue. I'm assuming that you are working with uShop locally. I would recommend trying a different machine.

There is compatibilty infomation on our reference site at

and consists of:

4.2 Browser Locking Up with IE5

We have found that in the Java Virtual Machine that was included with Microsoft's Internet Explorer (starting with IE 4.72 and also in the first release IE 5 - JVM builds 3165 & 3167) - there was a problem with multi-threaded applets locking up. (uShop's shopping cart applet was multi-threaded). Microsoft did fix this problem in the latest version of IE 5 which included JVM build 3177 -- but not until after we spent the time to develop a work around in uShop for it. The work around consisted of modifying uShop to not use any multi-threaded applets - which should improve performance on all browsers. So although Microsoft fixed the problem in IE, we went ahead and incorporated the work-around into uShop 2.0 anyway. We recommend upgrading to uShop 2.0 (or later).

NOTE: We also incorporated this fix into uShop Lite, so if using the trial version, use uShopLite version 2.03 (or later).

Hope this helps.

Charlie Edmunds
Project Manager
Microburst Technologies, Inc.

                 2. RE:Netscape Crashing
                Author Cliff Etzel on 11-01-1999 at 01:09 (EST)
Well - I am not sure that it is an environmental issue. Here is my setup:

I am running the test site on my server that is running a dual boot NT Server w/ SP5 and Redhat Linux 5.2 w/ Kernel 2.2.12 w/ Netscape Fasttrack Server 2.01 running on both platforms.

My workstation is running Win NT 4.0 w/ SP4 - Netscape 4.7 and IE5. Everything is up to date for my workstation where I do the developing. I develop in Dreamweaver 1.2 and Homesite 3.01. The Dr. Watson occurs after having the window open for a few minutes and then closing it out in Netscape. This is when the DR. Watson occurs. And yet opening the very same site in IE5 is flawless. Really ticks me off about this - I prefer Netscape.

I downloaded the very latest lite version while posting this message. I will see whether that makes any difference.

Cliff Etzel

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