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URGENT - Authorize.Net Updates

Knowledge Base Lobby : uStorekeeper Support Conference : Configuration Questions
Jul-19-18 07:23 PM EST
Original Message
URGENT - Authorize.Net Updates
Author Bradley Edwards on 05-12-2002 at 06:16 (EST)
It appears that Authorize.Net has made some changes to their interface, they have the following posted on the front page when you login...

"If you are experiencing issues submitting transactions, please verify the following:
The value passed in as x_amount may not contain any character values. This field may contain numbers and $. Any other character passed in this value will cause the transaction to be rejected by the system.

You should limit the length of the values passed in as x_amount. These values should contain no more than 2 decimal places. For example, $14.0529 will not pass validation because it is not a valid US dollar amount.

The values passed for x_type must match exactly to one of the following values: AUTH_CAPTURE, AUTH_ONLY, PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE, CAPTURE_ONLY, CREDIT, VOID. If it does not exactly match the list of values described above the transaction will fail."

I am getting an error stating;

"Transaction Error
Authorize.Net detected the following error:

Amount is missing or not valid. (3)"

The amount being passed is formated as follows:
... So, I know this is a problem. Just tell me what to change to round it up.

And as far as the x_type??? - I don't see it anywhere in the information being passed.

Will this need to be added also?

This is Very Urgent because, as of now the interface to Authorize.Net does not work and no one can check out using a credit card as payment.

Thanks in advance for a quick reply.

-Bradley Edwards


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  RE: URGENT - Authorize.Net Updates Bill Weiner, 2002-05-13 04:00:43 (1)
            URGENT - Authorize.Net Updates Bradley Edwards, 2002-05-13 17:37:29 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: URGENT - Authorize.Net Updates
        Author Bill Weiner on 05-13-2002 at 04:00 (EST)
Yes, it would have been nice to have been warned of the change. But, in any case:

STEP 1: Make a backup of your current script ... just in case.

STEP 2: Open your script with any text editor such as WordPad.

STEP 3: Do a search on the following text:


(There should be exactly one line with the text "x_Amount".)

STEP 4: Immediately before the line with "x_Amount", add this line:

$current_total = sprintf("%.2f",$current_total);

STEP 5: Save the script... as TEXT if your editor asks... and try it out!

We'll also try to get this work-around into the standard release sometime later this week.
                 2. URGENT - Authorize.Net Updates
                Author Bradley Edwards on 05-13-2002 at 17:37 (EST)
PERFECT! Everything is working again.

Thank You!

-Bradley Edwards

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