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keyword fields, do we separate with a comma?

Knowledge Base Lobby : uStorekeeper Support Conference : Configuration Questions
Jul-19-18 10:52 PM EST
Original Message
keyword fields, do we separate with a comma?
Author Mark Bishop on 02-16-2000 at 03:36 (EST)
In the keyword section in adding a new product, do we separate the keywords and short phrases by commas?

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  RE: keyword fields, do we separate with a comma? Bill Weiner, 2000-02-16 06:52:05 (1)

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         1. RE: keyword fields, do we separate with a comma?
        Author Bill Weiner on 02-16-2000 at 06:52 (EST)
It is not necessary to separate keywords with's just usually helpful if you do (for organizational purposes).

FYI: The way the search works is that in addition to checking the other fields like name and description, the "keywords" field will also be searched. This "keywords" field is actually treated like one long string - on which a pattern match is performed.

As an example, say you set the "keywords" field to:


A search on "diamond" would involve looking for the pattern "diamond" anywhere in the string.

This means that the "keywords" field did not need the commas and could have been specified as:


Although that is a little harder for the storeowner to read.

Note, however, that a search for "diamonds" in the above "keywords" would have resulted in no matches. This is because the pattern "diamonds" (with an 's') is not in that string. So for this reason, it is best to specify the keywords as their plural counterparts such as:


Which would succeed on searches for either "diamond" or "diamonds".

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