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Knowledge Base Lobby : uStorekeeper Support Conference : Configuration Questions
Jul-19-18 11:02 PM EST
Original Message info
Author andy on 08-30-2000 at 13:15 (EST)
I have used older versions of ustorekeeper and had to change some infromation in the ustorekeeper-manager section like url info. Do I still have to do that the directions did not direct me to do so.

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  RE: info Bill Weiner, 2000-08-30 15:07:22 (1)

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         1. RE: info
        Author Bill Weiner on 08-30-2000 at 15:07 (EST)
I don't really remember any URL information being contained in previous versions of the ustorekeeper-manager script. If anything, the "require" line on the second line in that script may have needed to be changed to a full directory path of your "" file.... but that was a rare situation on some NT server.

For the most part, all configuration questions are located in the script. (at least they are now :^)

See Section 5 in the user's guide for the most up-to-date instructions on installing the uStorekeeper scripts:

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