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Credit Card Transaction

Knowledge Base Lobby : uStorekeeper Support Conference : Configuration Questions
Mar-22-19 01:03 AM EST
Original Message
Credit Card Transaction
Author Lou Price on 04-03-2000 at 05:01 (EST)
I tested with a credit card order. When I hit the final button to process the order I get:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that
may have caused the error.

Now, I still get the order confirmation email and the order appears in the order field on ustorekeeper-manager. So, the order works but customers may think there is a problem. Can I fix this and how. My server says all the scripts and URLs are good. I do not process credit cards on-line. I have a separate program for this in my computer. Help!

Table Of Contents
  RE: Credit Card Transaction Bill Weiner, 2000-04-03 19:28:11 (1)
            Credit Card Transaction Lou Price, 2000-04-04 02:27:02 (2)
                 RE: Credit Card Transaction Bill Weiner, 2000-04-04 06:02:19 (3)
                      Credit Card Transactions Lou Price, 2000-04-05 02:53:35 (4)
                           RE: Credit Card Transactions Bill Weiner, 2000-04-05 10:04:51 (5)
                                Credit Card Transactions Lou Price, 2000-04-08 21:40:44 (6)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Credit Card Transaction
        Author Bill Weiner on 04-03-2000 at 19:28 (EST)
Just to make sure that I understand the problem:

- You are are using uStorekeeper's credit card ordering form (not the Authorize.Net option).

- You (the storeowner) successfully receive the email notification of the order.

- You (when entering your email address as the customer) successfully receive the email receipt of the order.

- But instead of getting the final "Thank You" page, you get a "Server Error".

Is that correct?

Assuming this is the situation, the problem may be a permissions problem. As a test, try giving your "data" directory full permissions (chmod 777).

Also, take a look in your "data" directory and see if an order file was created. The name of the file will correspond to the "ORDER ID" at the top of the email notification. For example, if the "ORDER ID" was C123456789, then see if you have either a cart file called:


Or and order file called:


in your data directory. Let me know.

Also, let me know if the customer is actually receiving the email receipt.

This will help determine where to go from there.
                 2. Credit Card Transaction
                Author Lou Price on 04-04-2000 at 02:27 (EST)
Everything you stated was correct. I gave the data directory full permissions. The data directory did create an order/cart file. I received the email notification/receipt (as a customer). I still get the server error instead of the "Thank You" page.
I hope this helps.
                         3. RE: Credit Card Transaction
                        Author Bill Weiner on 04-04-2000 at 06:02 (EST)
Well from looking at the Perl code of the script, there are only two functions performed after the point in the script where the customer's email receipt is sent:

1) The HTML of the thank you page is outputted. This is pretty basic HTML - with the only thing that could cause a problem at this point is the "Receipt HTML" setting. That is, on uStorekeeper's "GENERAL SETTINGS" form, did you specify a value for the 'Receipt HTML' setting? (This setting is located near the bottom under 'Additional Settings'). If so, check the syntax on that value....maybe even leave it blank for now.

2) The cart file is deleted (via an 'unlink'). When you look in your "data" directory, do you see both the "order" and the "cart" file for the orders? Upon completing the order, you should only see an "order" file - the "cart" file for the corresponding order should have been deleted. If not, then your server is not allowing the deletion of the "cart" files for some reason. As a test, try using uStorekeeper's Order Reader feature to delete one of the order files (From the main control panel press 'Order Reader' followed by 'Delete'). Does that successfully perform the delete - without generating a Server Error? Either way, it may have to do with permissions of your "data" directory. As a test, try opening up the permissions on your "data" directory and see if that corrects the problem. (On UNIX servers do a chmod 777 or on NT server give the directory full permissions).

PS. Also, what type of server do you have? UNIX or NT?
                                 4. Credit Card Transactions
                                Author Lou Price on 04-05-2000 at 02:53 (EST)
Well I took out the img src html that I had in the "Reciept HTML" block in general settings. I left it blank. My server is UNIX. I set the permissions to 777 on the data directory. I still get the same server error. Hmmmm.
                                         5. RE: Credit Card Transactions
                                        Author Bill Weiner on 04-05-2000 at 10:04 (EST)
You haven't made any changes to the script, correct? And all of the script versions that you are using match, correct?

Run a "Diagnostics" report from the uStorekeeper control panel and then submit the information with a support request at:

I'll take a look at your settings.
                                                 6. Credit Card Transactions
                                                Author Lou Price on 04-08-2000 at 21:40 (EST)
I sent the information you requested. Just to let you know that I tried processing a credit card transaction on windows98 and windowsNT systems with the same server error report. I have not changed any information on the scripts. Hopefully this will help.

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