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shipping modifier

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Tax, Shipping, and Handling Questions
Jul-19-18 07:14 PM EST
Original Message
shipping modifier
Author wchin on 09-01-2001 at 08:49 (EST)
In the applet code that is on each product page, can it be coded for a specified type of S&H parameter? I'm not sure what I can do with the shipping modifier code line...can it be set to go to a custom S&H routine, like charging 12% S&H for the total cost of an order? We are adding different products to our online store from different manufacturers, and we need to specify different S&H rates for each.

How can I best do this?


Warren Chin

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  uShop Custom Shipping Calculations Microburst Technologies Support Tea, 2001-09-02 21:48:37 (1)

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         1. uShop Custom Shipping Calculations
        Author Microburst Technologies Support Tea on 09-02-2001 at 21:48 (EST)
Here are a few options to consider:

1) You could just include the shipping amount in the price of the product in the applet, and you might say somewhere on your store's web pages that prices include shipping. You wouldn't do anything with the shipping modifier in this case.

2) You could calculate the shipping amount for each product yourself, and set this as the shipping modifier in each product applet. For example, you have a $10 item that charges 12% shipping, just set the shipping modifier to be $1.20

3) If neither of these options suits your needs, you might check out this link which explains how you could write your own custom shipping calculation and what to modify in the general settings in order to use it:

...and there is also more general information at this link:


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