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Check Box

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Programmer Tips
Jul-17-18 11:10 AM EST
Original Message
Check Box
Author Deroy on 08-06-2002 at 06:09 (EST)
LAST EDITED ON Aug-06-02 AT 09:25 AM (EST)

Instead of using a selection box (as i need to have a dropdown menu and the selections are showing through the menu) with my options in it I need to use Check Boxes.

I've got a product that is available in green, black, red etc. Can I have check boxes so that the person can click on what they want.

Also I need on one product to be able to have a price of 39.95 for a large product and 34.95 for a small product with checkboxes, plus I need this product to also have a colour selection.

I have an example on the following link & then go to original steam free milk frother under PRODUCTS dropdown. I would really like to have the 2 check boxes at the top of the page on 1 line and 1 button controlling whichever box is ticked. i.e. if 1 box is ticked then 1 product is added to the basket and if both are ticked then both are added to the basket.

Does anyone know how this can be done?


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  RE: Check Box Bill Weiner, 2002-08-07 04:43:00 (1)
            Check boxes Dan, 2002-08-08 03:09:36 (2)
                 Check Boxes Dan, 2002-08-08 09:23:42 (3)
                      RE: Check Boxes Bill Weiner, 2002-08-09 04:21:13 (4)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Check Box
        Author Bill Weiner on 08-07-2002 at 04:43 (EST)
I took a look at your page and am still not totally sure of what you want, but I would first suggest looking at these applets in the uShop Applet Reference (


It sounds like those applets are close to what you are looking for.

Otherwise, I'm sure your needs can be met using the uShop JavaScript interface... to create you're own custom HTML form (using whatever checkboxes/layout you want) and then use JavaScript to add the product to the the shopping cart. In fact, it looks like you are already using JavaScript for your current "Add" buttons... so it would just be a case of extending that for a new FORM.

See the 12/12/2000 posting in our developer's corner:

... for an example that shows how to access any type of FORM field from JavaScript.

Or if you come up with the FORM you want for the product, then I may be able to give some pointers on how to access each field in your FORM.
                 2. Check boxes
                Author Dan on 08-08-2002 at 03:09 (EST)
Thanks for having a look at my page Bill.

I CANNOT use a java applet as I have a dropdown menu and the menu drops BEHIND any java applet, that is why I really need to use a javascript.

I need to have a script where a product has an option of what colour (Red or Black) and what size they want (Large or Small) the customer can then tick each tickbox and anything that is ticked will be added to the basket.

It is sort of like a dropdown selection box but using checkboxes instead - the reason I can't use a dropdown selection box is also because the menu drops behind the selection box.

If you take a look at Click on Products and then traditional moka pots then I just need anything that has a dropdown selection to be coded so that I use checkboxes. eg the only checkboxes on this page wpuld be 1 called Black, 1 called Red, 1 called Large, 1 called Small, if they tick Red then a Red pot would be added to the basket. Would this be able to work so that they needed to tick a SIZE and a COLOUR (they need to tick a size & colour before the product goes in the basket).
                         3. Check Boxes
                        Author Dan on 08-08-2002 at 09:23 (EST)
OK - I have now sorted the problem.

Thanks anyway Bill.
                                 4. RE: Check Boxes
                                Author Bill Weiner on 08-09-2002 at 04:21 (EST)
Great! Glad you figured out a solution.

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