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Thank You Page location

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Programmer Tips
Jul-17-18 01:46 PM EST
Original Message
Thank You Page location
Author Jason Gasper on 01-08-2001 at 17:43 (EST)
I am curious to know where I should place a "thankyou.html" page that I developed on my own.
I understand it is configured in the "Miscellaneous" section, but I have apparantly been unsuccessful in specifying the correct path.

When I complete an order, I am still getting the pre-defined "thank-you" page that comes with UShop. Can you tell me how I should be specifying my path? Relative to what?

Comments? Suggestions?

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  RE: Thank You Page location Bill Weiner, 2001-01-09 06:51:06 (1)
            Version 2.0 sommay, 2001-05-10 14:18:21 (2)
                 RE: Version 2.0 Bill Weiner, 2001-05-10 21:38:41 (3)
             sommay, 2001-05-13 20:20:24 (4)
                           RE: Bill Weiner, 2001-05-14 23:39:11 (5)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Thank You Page location
        Author Bill Weiner on 01-09-2001 at 06:51 (EST)
Actually there are two options:

1) The easiest option is to just create your own thank you page (as just a regular HTML page) and then specify the "Thank You Page" setting (under "General Settings - Miscellaneous") as the FULL URL of where you put your "Thank You" HTML page on your website. uShop will then just redirect customers to that URL after an order is placed.

(So in your case, just specify the FULL URL - beginning with "http" - of your thankyou.html page on your server).

2) The second option is to customize the standard "Thank You" page that uShop displays at the end of the order process. The advantage to this is that you can use some of the order_template.html keywords to add personalized messages to your thank you page... such as "Thank you for ordering, billing_first_name"... where billing_first_name is automatically replaced by the customer's first name. See Section 9 in the uShop 3.x User's Guide for more information about customizing the order form templates.

The template that is used for the standard uShop thank you page (a.k.a. the order receipt page)... can be specified under "General Settings - Order Form Settings". "Order Form Template 3" is the template used for the thank you page. (It defaults to the "order_template.html" page located in your cgi-bin/data directory.)
                 2. Version 2.0
                Author sommay on 05-10-2001 at 14:18 (EST)
How do I customize these on Version 2.0

                         3. RE: Version 2.0
                        Author Bill Weiner on 05-10-2001 at 21:38 (EST)
In uShop 2.0, you can specify your own custom thank you page via the "thankyou_url" parameter of the uShop 2.0 order applet. For example:

< PARAM NAME="thankyou_url" VALUE="" >

See the uShop 2.0 Applet Reference for more information on that "thankyou_url" parameter.
                                Author sommay on 05-13-2001 at 20:20 (EST)
LAST EDITED ON May-13-01 AT 08:24 PM (EST)

I have already have a custom thank you page (thankyou.html) but what area of and do I insert the < PARAM NAME="thankyou_url" VALUE=". I didnt find any information on thankyou-url at uShop 2.0 Applet Reference.


                                         5. RE:
                                        Author Bill Weiner on 05-14-2001 at 23:39 (EST)
The uShop 2.x Order Applets have a parameter called "thankyou_url"... so just set it to something like:

< PARAM NAME=thankyou_url VALUE="" >


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