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Order Limit

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Programmer Tips
Jun-17-18 11:38 PM EST
Original Message
Order Limit
Author Spyder on 04-29-2002 at 04:05 (EST)
I am trying to use the Ushop system to create a cart that takes application fees for a college.

The fees would be $25 per course, while the rest is paid in person. They would like to make it so that once the total hits $100, no more money is charged.

Is it possible to work one of the current applets so that potential students can keep selecting courses with only a $100 maximum?


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  RE: Order Limit Bill Weiner, 2002-04-29 05:39:53 (1)
            It doesn't stop there..... Spyder, 2002-04-29 23:38:22 (2)
                 RE: It doesn't stop there..... Bill Weiner, 2002-04-30 06:33:21 (3)

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         1. RE: Order Limit
        Author Bill Weiner on 04-29-2002 at 05:39 (EST)
There may be a couple different ways to accomplish that... just a couple questions first:

Q1) Do you want the shopping cart to stop adding to the subtotal once the total reaches $100?


Q2) Do you want the shopping cart to keep adding to the subtotal ... but just want the final total to indicate that only $100 will be charged now?

If Q1 is true... then we'll try to figure out a solution on the Java-side of things.

Or if Q2 is true... then we'll try to figure out a solution on the CGI-side of things.
                 2. It doesn't stop there.....
                Author Spyder on 04-29-2002 at 23:38 (EST)
Actually, they are putting more on my shoulders than that.

They want the correspondence courses charged at full value, say 1200 per course.

Onsite courses are $25 per course, with the balance being settled in person. The challenge is that they have a lot of courses, and they figure a $100 cap for the application fees for onsite courses is enough for commitment.

Correspondence courses would still be calculated at full price........

Thanx for the prompt replies and suggestions
                         3. RE: It doesn't stop there.....
                        Author Bill Weiner on 04-30-2002 at 06:33 (EST)
You may be able to utilize the "classification" and "price" parameters to accomplish something close.

For instance, for each "onsite" class set the following parameters:

< PARAM NAME="classification" VALUE="onsite" >
< PARAM NAME="price" VALUE="1 @ $25.00,5 @ $20,6 @ $16.67,7 @ $14.28,8 @ $12.50,9 @ $11.11,10 @ $10.00" >

... Of course the prices may look kind of funny in the cart... so you may want to hide the individual price column... and just show the subtotal.

Refer to the uShop Applet Reference for more information on the "classification" and "price" parameters.

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