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"Configuration Error: Unable to connect to socket"

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Problems with trying to Place Orders
Aug-19-18 11:41 PM EST
Original Message
"Configuration Error: Unable to connect to socket"
Author TimeTraveller on 01-28-2000 at 17:15 (EST)
My Ushop has been working fine for months, when all of a sudden, the last two days I'm getting the above error. My customers see just this message, and do not get a confirmation of their order. I in turn, do not get their order mailed to me, but the order is sitting out on the server in the orders directory.

There have been no changes to the system, at least on my end (I can't speak for my ISP), so any clue as to what would have all of a sudden caused this problem? I'm installed on a Windows NT server, if this helps.

Stephen Clark

Table Of Contents
  Errors charlie edmunds, 2000-01-28 17:39:00 (1)
            unable to connect to socket nathan, 2001-08-15 14:44:02 (2)
                 RE: unable to connect to socket Bill Weiner, 2001-08-16 06:22:28 (3)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. Errors
        Author charlie edmunds on 01-28-2000 at 17:39 (EST)

Definately check with your ISP. All other things staying the same, this seems the likely reason. They may have switched e-mail applications (to something like BLAT). If so that would explain your errors. We have special versions of the cgiscript to accomodate this.

Charlie Edmunds
Microburst Technologies, Inc
                 2. unable to connect to socket
                Author nathan on 08-15-2001 at 14:44 (EST)
I too just started receiving this error, cart was working fine, and it seems to have just stopped, order writes, they get the error, no e-mail.
I think I'll need one of these special versions as well.
                         3. RE: unable to connect to socket
                        Author Bill Weiner on 08-16-2001 at 06:22 (EST)
For that problem to just start occuring... it is a good indication that something changed on your server and/or mailserver to prevent the uShop CGI script from sending email via a socket connection to your mail server.

Q1) What version of uShop are you using?

Q2) Also operating system is your server? Unix or NT?

If you web hosting provider did make changes to their server configuration, you may have to change the method by which email is sent from your uShop CGI script.

For now, (assuming that you are using uShop 3.x), just to get rid of the error and allow you to receive orders, try setting configuration question #7 at the top of the script to:

$email_method = "CUSTOM";

This will cause the script NOT to send emails...but at least customers will not see the error message. You can then use the uShop Order Reader utility to check for new orders until the email configuration is resolved.

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