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extra shipping/handling/cod price

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : CGI Script Related Problems
Jul-17-18 01:46 PM EST
Original Message
extra shipping/handling/cod price
Author christian on 11-12-2002 at 23:37 (EST)
Is it possible to show the costs for shipping, handling and cod as a extra position in the order reader

Table Of Contents
  RE: extra shipping/handling/cod price Bill Weiner, 2002-11-13 06:27:20 (1)
            extra shipping/handling/cod price christian, 2002-11-18 00:12:42 (2)
                 RE: extra shipping/handling/cod price Bill Weiner, 2002-11-18 05:48:48 (3)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: extra shipping/handling/cod price
        Author Bill Weiner on 11-13-2002 at 06:27 (EST)
That data is actually in the order files and accessible in the uShop CGI script via the global variables:


So to display those two fields seperately instead of on just one "Shipping & Handling" line, it would require modifying the following two subroutines which are located in the file:

sub get_cart_html
sub get_cart_text
                 2. extra shipping/handling/cod price
                Author christian on 11-18-2002 at 00:12 (EST)
I change the line "$formatted_output = sprintf("%s %.2f",$currency_symbol,$totals_shipping_and_handling)"
in two separat lines as
$formatted_output = sprintf("%s %.2f",$currency_symbol,$totals_shipping)+
$formatted_output = sprintf("%s %.2f",$currency_symbol,$totals_handling)
but the label is the same. Where can I change the label

In the line "sub get_cart_text" I'm not sure what I must change!

regards Christian
                         3. RE: extra shipping/handling/cod price
                        Author Bill Weiner on 11-18-2002 at 05:48 (EST)
In the get_cart_html subroutine, you would actually need to duplicate the 6 lines after the "$formatted_output = sprintf...." line to, so that you create a new HTML TABLE row (Beginning with < TR > and ending with < /TR >).

Furthermore, there are actually two places in that subroutine that the change would have to be made. (One for the output when the shipping is taxed and one for the output when the shipping is not taxed.)

Because it is difficult to post code into this forum (due to formatting problems).... if you need some more help, just go ahead an submit a support request at:

... and I should be able to email you the code changes.

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