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Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : CGI Script Related Problems
Jul-20-18 08:27 AM EST
Original Message
Order Form
Author Cor Straatsma on 10-30-1999 at 09:48 (EST)

I'm using NOF 4.0 to build my site. When using the preview option of NOF the uShopOrderCGI in my order form works fine. When I do a local publish on my computer instead of a remote publish to server the uShopOrderCGI won't show. I get a Java ClassNotFoundException: uShopProducts. But the applet resides in the proper dir. Or is the applet only visible when I do a remote publish to server and configuring the proper cgi?
I hope you have some answers.


Cor Straatsma

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  Order Form Charlie Edmunds, 1999-10-30 16:14:22 (1)

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         1. Order Form
        Author Charlie Edmunds on 10-30-1999 at 16:14 (EST)

We haven't done any work with Net Objects Fusion but have heard from people who have used it successfully with uShop.

If you are getting a "ClassNotFoundException" then the applet is not able to find the class file. No matter where you are running your website the classfiles have to either be in the same folder as your webpages or the path set utilizing the 'codebase' parameter. You do not have to have your "" configured and installed to have your applets work.

This may not help you with your NOF question but you should not have any trouble getting your applets to work after uploading to the server.

Post again if you are still having trouble,

Charlie Edmunds
Project Manager
Microburst Technologies, Inc.

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