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page cannot be displayed order problem

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : CGI Script Related Problems
Mar-22-19 01:02 AM EST
Original Message
page cannot be displayed order problem
Author David Eason on 03-03-2000 at 23:02 (EST)
Hi, I have read most of the earlier discussions of IE5 problems. I seem to have that too. I am on a UNIX system. My address is

I have the codebase in my order.template.htm file set to my non-secure server to try to eliminate this problem. All applets I have work fine. Items are added to the shopping cart fine, cart is displayed well, but when I try to place an order, secure or not secure, it comes up Page Cannot Be Displayed.
I have my scriptpath at the secure server https

Please help.

Table Of Contents
  CGI Problems charlie edmunds, 2000-03-04 08:01:39 (1)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. CGI Problems
        Author charlie edmunds on 03-04-2000 at 08:01 (EST)

I don't think you have a browser specific problem. I could not get the copyright notice to load. I have included some information from our reference site pertaining to getting your cgi script to work.

Upon installing the script on your server, the first thing you should do is use your browser to test the script by typing in the URL of the script on your server. This should produce a copyright page such as when you visit:

If you are getting a Server Error instead, then the problem is usually one of four things:

The path to Perl is incorrect.
The Path to perl is specified as the very first line of the CGI script. Typical values are /usr/bin/perl, /usr/local/bin/perl/ and /bin/perl. If you do not know what the path to perl is on your server, then you can ask your web hosting provider. NOTE: When specifying this path to perl, you must include the "#!" in front of the path. Example: #!/usr/bin/perl

You did not include the "" character in front of the "@" sign when specifying the store's email address in question 6 of the script setup.
When specifying the store's email address, instead of using the "@" sign in your email address, you must use "@" - This is because the "@" sign is a special character in the Perl programming language and therefore must be preceded by a "" character in this case. Note: If you used the uShop CGI Setup Wizard to create the script for you, then this special character was added automatically for you.

The file was transferred in BINARY mode (as opposed to ASCII or TEXT mode).
When transferring the CGI script to your server, you must transfer it in ASCII or TEXT mode - as opposed to BINARY mode. Your FTP program should give you an option to do this - so be sure to transfer the CGI script in ASCII or TEXT mode.

The script does not have execute permissions.
Once the CGI script is transferred to your CGI directory on your server, you must change the permissions to READ and EXECUTE (chmod 755). If your server is a UNIX server, you should be able to change the file's permissions via your FTP program. If your server is an NT server, then you may have to get your web hosting provider to make the file executable.

For additional assistance configuring the CGI script for your server, you may want to try out our uShop CGI Setup Wizard at:

The uShop CGI Setup Wizard is a utility that will create personalized instructions and a custom CGI script ready for downloading to your server.

Thanks, Charlie Edmunds
Microburst Technologies, Inc

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