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need help right away

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : CGI Script Related Problems
Aug-19-18 07:46 PM EST
Original Message
need help right away
Author Daun Burk on 02-12-2002 at 14:34 (EST)
We cant get the cgi-bin folder to execute the pl script. We did it before. When you try to go to the console by typing in the path to the file it shows the script on the web. We are on an NT server. Whar are we doing wrong. We did not have this problem with the server last time we set up the ushop shopping cart!

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  Script displays instead of executing Microburst Support Team, 2002-02-12 20:41:04 (1)

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         1. Script displays instead of executing
        Author Microburst Support Team on 02-12-2002 at 20:41 (EST)
If when going to the URL of the script on your server, the script is displayed instead of being executed, then the problem is usually one of three things:

The CGI script does not have the correct file extension for your server.
That is, some servers are configured to only execute scripts that end in .pl and others are configured to only execute scripts that end in .cgi. Check with your web hosting server and rename the file if necessary.

The directory that you put the script is not configured to execute CGI scripts.
That is, usually your web hosting service will have to make a special directory for you to put your cgi scripts in such as cgi-bin or cgi-local. Again you can check with your web hosting provider.

The permissions on the script itself are not correct.
That is, you must make sure the script has read and execute permissions. This can be done with your FTP program on UNIX machines (chmod 755). People using NT servers, may have to get their web hosting service to change the permissions to executable for them.

(This information and other troubleshooting information can be found in the uShop troubleshooting guide at

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