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Print button won't print.

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Programmer Tips
Aug-15-18 05:11 PM EST
Original Message
Print button won't print.
Author Deroy on 07-16-2002 at 07:30 (EST)
I want the customer to either pay by credit card or print off the order.

I have a print button labelled Print (with no spaces) but when this is pressed instead of automatically printing it goes through to a page showing the customer details and what they've ordered etc.

I presume there must be an error on the data file as when I go to check orders I get the following message "File Error Unable to open ./data/YES" although I CAN read the orders if I press the Read All orders?

Would this data folder problem be affecting the print button problem?

Diagnostics Test shows:
Data Directory = OK
Sendmail = Path OK
General Settings = OK
Affiliate Info = Does Not Exist
Affiliate Log File = Does Not Exist
Customer Log File = Does Not Exist
Inventory Log File = Does Not Exist
Coupon Data File = Does Not Exist

Anyone got any ideas what's wrong?

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  Order Form Sorted - Just print button not working. Deroy, 2002-07-16 10:07:21 (1)
            RE: Order Form Sorted - Just print button not working. Bill Weiner, 2002-07-17 04:38:55 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. Order Form Sorted - Just print button not working.
        Author Deroy on 07-16-2002 at 10:07 (EST)
I've got the Order Reader problem sorted now. The only thing that doesn't work is the Print button.
                 2. RE: Order Form Sorted - Just print button not working.
                Author Bill Weiner on 07-17-2002 at 04:38 (EST)
If you want to make the "Print" page automatically print, then try adding the following JavaScript directly into your "Print Order" instructions:

< script language='Javascript'> window.print(); < /script >

(On the uShop Control Panel under "General Settings" - "Payment Options" - "Instructions Displayed On The Print Page")

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