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multiple reload order page failure

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Problems with trying to Place Orders
Jul-22-18 08:29 PM EST
Original Message
multiple reload order page failure
Author Wayne Powell on 11-28-2000 at 13:56 (EST)
Hope someone can help me here...

Using IE5.5, WinNT 4, Ushop 2.15

Initial order process works great, however, if customer backtracks and adds another item to the order, the cart shows the change, but when the place order is done, the ordertemplate fails to load the applets. Backing up to the cart page fails to load the cart applet, then IE locks up.

Many unhappy customers!!!


Table Of Contents
  RE: multiple reload order page failure Bill Weiner, 2000-11-28 16:50:24 (1)
            problem solved Wayne Powell, 2000-11-28 18:46:23 (2)
            problem NOT solved... Wayne Powell, 2000-11-30 20:14:43 (3)
                 RE: problem NOT solved... Bill Weiner, 2000-12-01 07:04:58 (4)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: multiple reload order page failure
        Author Bill Weiner on 11-28-2000 at 16:50 (EST)
For that uShop 2.x problem, I would suggest first trying the PUBLIC URL (instead of the SECURE URL) as the codebase of the applets on your order.template page... as described in section 6 on this uShop 2.x reference page:

If that doesn't work, give me the URL and I will take a look at it to see if I can suggest something for your particular setup.

And worse comes to worse, you can just try removing the uShopCart applet from your order.template page entirely.
                 2. problem solved
                Author Wayne Powell on 11-28-2000 at 18:46 (EST)
Thanks Bill,

I actually solved the problem by digging through your responses to other problems. It turned out to be the lack of a / after the URL for the codebase reference. Put them in and it's worked like a champ since!

After the holiday season I'll be upgrading to V3. Thanks!
                 3. problem NOT solved...
                Author Wayne Powell on 11-30-2000 at 20:14 (EST)
Hi Bill,

Seems I was a bit early in my resolution. Please visit to see if you can help. The problem is EXACTLY as discussed in your alert quoted below, but it is not resolved by the recommended actions. Deleting the cart applet on the order template didn't work.

Update January 19, 2000 regarding Internet Explorer: It appears that due to the way the IE 5.0 is handling the caching of applets, it is not recommended to switch the codebase between your public and secure server pages. That is, apparently IE 5.0 sometimes has trouble reloading the applets on the secure order page if a customer goes back and forth between the regular store pages and the secure order page. The best solution to this problem is that you be sure to use the full URL of the .class files on your PUBLIC server when specifying the codebase of the applets on your secure order page. Note that transactions will still be secure providing you use the secure URL for the "scriptpath" parameter. The diagrams/instructions on this reference page have been updated to reflect this.
                         4. RE: problem NOT solved...
                        Author Bill Weiner on 12-01-2000 at 07:04 (EST)
Relating to uShop 2.x:

Actually, that January 19th quote is in regard to the applets not reloading on your secure order page. Reading your first post again, I see you are experience a problem with the cart back on your regular website - not the cart on the secure order page. I'll take a look at your site....

...after looking at your site, I believe I see the problem. It is very important that all applets on your public server have the same codebase.... this includes the uShopCart and uShopOrderButtonCGI applets on your "shopcartbig.html" page. So since you are using no codebase for all of your input applets, you should also not use a codebase for the two applets on your "shopcartbig.html" page. So try removing the CODEBASE setting from both applets on your "shopcartbig.html" page and see if that corrects the problem.

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