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Please Wait... after Begin Order Process Button

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Problems with trying to Place Orders
Aug-21-18 10:20 AM EST
Original Message
Please Wait... after Begin Order Process Button
Author Rhett Russell on 04-30-2001 at 23:55 (EST)
I have had numerous people tell me that they get this message -- Please Wait... and nothing happens after pressing the "Begin Order Process Button. I also occasionally get the Please Wait message too. I have checked all of the obvious stuff. The classes codebase is correct. I have JavaScript enabled on my browser and I am calling the applets correctly.

I'm at a loss to figure out what's happening. I am getting orders but not many.

the address of my site is:

I am also trying to set up an affiliate program by using this address:

Any ideas?


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  Also tried this Rhett Russell, 2001-05-01 00:23:24 (1)
  Progress... sort of! Rhett Russell, 2001-05-01 00:34:51 (2)
            RE: Progress... sort of! Bill Weiner, 2001-05-01 21:07:11 (3)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. Also tried this
        Author Rhett Russell on 05-01-2001 at 00:23 (EST)
I also checked the form tag and it is the secure url of the script is also set correctly to

         2. Progress... sort of!
        Author Rhett Russell on 05-01-2001 at 00:34 (EST)
I was able to figure out that it is coming from my affiliate links. That throws the display_cart.html file off for some reason. I have a valid affiliate set up.

Here's what I am using:

                 3. RE: Progress... sort of!
                Author Bill Weiner on 05-01-2001 at 21:07 (EST)
I took a look at your site and noticed that you are getting a "JavaScript Error" when going to your display_cart.html page. The error is related to a syntax error on that version of the display_cart.html page... in a function that only get's called when affiliates link to it. In particular, the line:

var endstr = document.cookie.indexof(";",offset);

.... in the getCookieValue() function, should have a capital "O" in "indexOf".

You can manually edit/correct that page... or just download the latest version of uShop and get the updated display_cart.html page. (We had corrected that error in one of the previous releases.)

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