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File Not Found /classes/NONE

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Problems with trying to Place Orders
Jul-16-18 08:46 AM EST
Original Message
File Not Found /classes/NONE
Author Bradley Nehring on 01-05-2001 at 06:56 (EST)
Dear sir,

thank you in advance for your help.

Regarding my site

I often get reports on my stats of Files Not Found /classes/NONE

Any idea what it could be?

I also get Not Found: /classes/uShopInput7BeanInfo.class



I appreciate your help. I've included my Not Found stats below.

Best regards,
Bradley Nehring

26 22 5316 &pip; /robots.txt
24 0 5364 &pip; /priceatour/classes/NONE
2 0 434 &pip; /favicon.ico
1 0 249 &pip; /priceatour/classes/uShopCart2BeanInfo.class
1 0 252 &pip; /priceatour/classes/uShopCartBaseBeanInfo.class
1 0 232 &pip; /website photos/favicon.ico
1 0 210 &pip; /maps/TSWmap.html
1 0 224 &pip; /test404response1951230444.html
1 1 222 &pip; /hotels/solvitoriamarina.html
1 0 217 &pip; /cgi-bin/transparent.gif
1 0 250 &pip; /priceatour/classes/uShopInput7BeanInfo.class

Table Of Contents
  RE: File Not Found /classes/NONE Bill Weiner, 2001-01-05 08:13:13 (1)
            favicon & robots.txt ronharter, 2001-01-05 09:30:28 (2)
                 RE: favicon & robots.txt Bill Weiner, 2001-01-05 12:08:36 (3)
                      Thanks gentlemen! Bradley, 2001-01-09 02:26:21 (4)
                           RE: Thanks gentlemen! Bill Weiner, 2001-01-09 07:06:08 (5)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: File Not Found /classes/NONE
        Author Bill Weiner on 01-05-2001 at 08:13 (EST)
Yes, we occasionally get similar messages on our site statistics too.... and have a couple hypotheses as to the cause:

Hypothesis 1: The messages may just be generated by occasional loading (or abort) errors when loading the class files and/or by browsers that don't support Java at all.

Hypothesis 2: Any messages concerning a "BeanInfo.class" may be from a browser running one of the newer versions of Java. That is, Java "Beans" are only available in Java 1.2 or later. uShop uses Java 1.0 in order to maximize browser compatibility (older browsers only support Java 1.0). uShop does not use any beans. So the message may just be from a newer browsers checking for the existance of a Java "Bean".
                 2. favicon & robots.txt
                Author ronharter on 01-05-2001 at 09:30 (EST)
Just a little added info if you don't already know it.
The favicon.ico is a graphic that you can place in your directories to make a cute little icon that shows up if somebody bookmarks your page.
It only works with IE not Netscape. If you bookmark Yahoo's home page you will notice that you have a big red Y instead of the IE blue E. There is a neat online javascript icon generator at that you can use for free. I made one for my site It is not very good, just my initials.

The robots.txt file is a file used by search engine spiders. It lets you tell the spiders what directories to search or not to search. It is kind of complicated but you can find instructions on using it on the web or from your ISP.

                         3. RE: favicon & robots.txt
                        Author Bill Weiner on 01-05-2001 at 12:08 (EST)
Good info on that "favicon.ico" statistic. I always wondered what that was from.
                                 4. Thanks gentlemen!
                                Author Bradley on 01-09-2001 at 02:26 (EST)
Thank you gentlemen! I tried the Yahoo thing with IE 5.0 for mac...guess it doesn't work with Apple, but maybe I can incorporate it into my website!

Is there any way to know how may people bookmark the site from Netscape?

                                         5. RE: Thanks gentlemen!
                                        Author Bill Weiner on 01-09-2001 at 07:06 (EST)
Hmmm... I'm not quite sure how you can tell how many people bookmark your page. There might be some CGI scripts/utilities that can keep a count for you. And I think there are some web-site log analyzers/statistics software packages that tell you how many people visiting your site came from bookmarks... but I'm not sure how it's done.

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