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Is version 3 going to cost more?

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Jul-23-18 02:00 AM EST
Original Message
Is version 3 going to cost more?
Author Mike Tison on 07-20-2000 at 12:44 (EST)
Do you know if version 3.0 will cost more?
I'm expecting to pay $129 plus another $100 for the gateway code.
I was going to buy version 2.0 but I figure I'll just wait until version 3.0 comes out - since I'm still in development. what should I do?
Is there a free upgrade to version 3.0?

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  RE: Is version 3 going to cost more? Bill Weiner, 2000-07-21 05:07:28 (1)
            cost of uShop version 3? Mike Tison, 2000-07-21 08:28:12 (2)
                 RE: cost of uShop version 3? Bill Weiner, 2000-07-21 08:57:37 (3)
            Comments on USHOP Paul Abernathy, 2000-08-04 06:41:44 (4)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Is version 3 going to cost more?
        Author Bill Weiner on 07-21-2000 at 05:07 (EST)
As it stands now, the cost of uShop 3.0 will be $199 (US). And for this one price, you will get everything....the new applets, scripts, programmers guide, affiliate tracking, coupon manager, payment processing interfaces, etc.... All in one package.

For people who already have uShop 2.0 licenses and who want to upgrade to uShop 3.0, for a limited time, we will be offering an upgrade path from the older versions to uShop 3.0 for $49 (US).

This means that for anyone planning to use the Authorize.Net, Planet Payment, and **LinkPoint Payment Processing Systems, it would be best to wait for uShop 3.0 (Due out on July 31, 2000). This is because all of the payment processing interfaces will be included as part of uShop 3.0.

So in your case, if you already have uShop 2.0, you can just upgrade to uShop 3.0 for $49 and that will include the payment processing interfaces.

**NOTE: In regard to LinkPoint, we only recently began developing this interface (due to popular demand) and at this time, we only have a beta interface. We will, however, try our best to complete testing of this interface in order that we will be confident enough in it to include it with uShop 3.0. Worst case is that it may have to be released a couple weeks later.
                 2. cost of uShop version 3?
                Author Mike Tison on 07-21-2000 at 08:28 (EST)
Thanks, Bill!
I really like your forums here. When I first checked into your shopping cart. I got the impression that it was going to be cheesy, but the more I play with it and interact with you guys, the more I'm glad I decided to go with your company. Keep up the good work.
                         3. RE: cost of uShop version 3?
                        Author Bill Weiner on 07-21-2000 at 08:57 (EST)
Great! Thanks for the nice compliments :^)
                 4. Comments on USHOP
                Author Paul Abernathy on 08-04-2000 at 06:41 (EST)
This is actually for Mike Tison, USHOP has been a life saver for me. I started using them about 9 months or more ago and they have helped me build a $500,000 a year business using their shopping cart solution...and if I can do it anyone can do it. The new 3.0 seems to be a nice upgrade as I am still trying to understand it but it seems to interface the same as the old version yet allows development and expansion....Way to go Uburst as you seem to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Paul Abernathy,CEO

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