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Conditional popupwindow

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Aug-16-18 06:44 AM EST
Original Message
Conditional popupwindow
Author Jan Swartling on 06-23-2000 at 06:23 (EST)
In uShopOrder3CGI or uShopOrder3SMTP you can define the titles for some fields. That's excellent.

However, in my case I would like something more (don't we all? ), like this:

Let say that
in Field Label 'payment' I have the 'value="Invoice,COD"'
in Field Label '1' I have 'value="Company"'
in Field Label '5' I have 'value="Organisation number"'

Now, if the customer is a company and he wants to be invoiced, we require the organisation number in order to accept the purchase. What I would like is something like this:

IF (field label payment value=Invoice) AND (field label 1 value='not blank') THEN IF (field label 5)='blank' THEN popupwindow("You have to fill in the Organisation number)

I can't use the '* required' since I only need the organisation number when the customer is a company and when he want to be invoiced.

And I can't use the ordinary PopUpWindow since I want to use that only when a '* required' field is missing.

Is this possible in some way?

Otherwise I think it a very nice and easy to use program.

Best regards
Jan Swartlling
Blue Soft

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  RE: Conditional popupwindow Bill Weiner, 2000-06-23 14:32:32 (1)
            RE: Conditional popupwindows Jan Swartling, 2000-06-25 10:07:02 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Conditional popupwindow
        Author Bill Weiner on 06-23-2000 at 14:32 (EST)
I think I understand what you want - sort of a conditional required field. (i.e., Field X is required only if Field Y was selected). There is no built-in feature at this time that will allow you to configure that, but here is a work around:

Try setting up 2 Order for companies and one for regular customers. The order applet on the "Company" order form can have the "Organization" field required. And the order applet on the regular "Customer" order page doesn't even have to have the "Organization" field at all.

Does that give you some ideas?
                 2. RE: Conditional popupwindows
                Author Jan Swartling on 06-25-2000 at 10:07 (EST)
Thank you Bill,

your suggestion is not bad, it might work. I just have to find out how to address two different order.class pages.

I'll have to think about that.



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