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Anyone help? Visit my site and advise me with change to 3.0?

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Aug-15-18 05:07 PM EST
Original Message
Anyone help? Visit my site and advise me with change to 3.0?
Author Mark Bishop on 03-20-2001 at 20:45 (EST)
Hi Everyone,

I've been helping this non-profit organization in which I've both built their site and help manage it. They sell vegetarian food products and they have a number of smaller retail stores too. I'm about to implement uShop 3.2 and I was wondering if any of you could visit my site now and make any suggestions?

More specifically, what applets would you suggest to use? Currently I'm using the older ushopinput1.class files. If you visit the link below, just click on any food product and it will display a list of small graphics of each food item. If you click on the small image, it takes you to a larger graphic view.

I would like to do away with the secondary larger HTML product page because if users happen to enter directly to that page, the frameset is not there to ADD that product to shopping cart program. Does the popup uShop feature maintain the frameset so a user can add a product from the popup view?

I would greatly appreciate anyone visiting this site and giving me any suggestions or comments. I'm more of a writer and manager of content, and switching over to the newer uShop has me a bit nervous.

Thank you very much! Just click on the link, or cut and paste, and again, select any food group and it will kick-in the uShop script.

Mark Bishop

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  RE: Anyone help? Visit my site and advise me with change to 3.0? Bill Weiner, 2001-03-20 23:17:15 (1)

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         1. RE: Anyone help? Visit my site and advise me with change to 3.0?
        Author Bill Weiner on 03-20-2001 at 23:17 (EST)
In regard to what uShop 3.x applet to use...

It appears that you are currently using the uShop 2.x applet:


In uShop 3.x, there are a couple similar applets:

OPTION 1: Use the "uShopInput4" applet with the new "+"/"-" option modifiers to "add" or "subtract" from the product's priced based on the option that is selected.

For example, instead of have a price drop down showing:

1 13oz Can=$2.99
1 Case 12 Cans=$32.86

Specify the "price" as "$2.99"... and the "option1" parameter as:

"1 13oz Can,1 Case (12 Cans) + $29.87"

OPTION 2: Use the "uShopInput17" applet with products/prices in the drop-down menu similar to as you have now. (You can hide the quantity box).

OPTION 3: You may even be able to use the "uShopInput15" applet to easily show the price per can.

PS. As for upgrading, don't forget about the steps that I outlined here:

... especially the part about the "codebase".

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