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reporting weight totals

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Jul-20-18 08:18 PM EST
Original Message
reporting weight totals
Author Gary Torello on 03-06-2001 at 14:43 (EST)

First off.. thank you Edmundson for the terrific help to date!

Is it possible to have the weight totals show up in the email receipt? or possibly in the order?

This is what we've done: We're NOT using the weight for shipping calcs.. We use a subtotal method.. sooo.. we're entering our product COST in the WEIGHT parameter, and hoping we can get that seriptitiously reported in the either the email receipt, or secend choce in the order when viewed on the secure server..

Ideally, if the total "weight" could be appended to or buried in the order/invoice number without the dollar sign or decimal point, it would be the perfect method for us to immediately see our "cost" for that order without the customer realizing what the numbers are.

p.s. note to our customers: please disregard the above HEHE

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  RE: reporting weight totals Bill Weiner, 2001-03-07 07:29:06 (1)
            Thanks & one refinement ques Gary Torello, 2001-03-07 11:18:06 (2)
                 RE: Thanks & one refinement ques Bill Weiner, 2001-03-07 14:43:24 (3)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: reporting weight totals
        Author Bill Weiner on 03-07-2001 at 07:29 (EST)
The easiest thing to do would be to append the total "weight" onto the bottom of the email receipt/notification. To do that:

STEP 1: Make a backup of your current "" file...just in case.

STEP 2: Open your "" file with any text editor such as WordPad.

STEP 3: Do a search on the following line:

$receipt_text = &get_receipt_text("YES");

STEP 4: Immediately AFTER that line, add the following lines:

$temp_string = "$totals_total_weight";
$temp_string =~ s/.//g;
$receipt_text .= "n$temp_stringn";

STEP 5: Save the file (as TEXT if your editor asks)... and Try it out!


Note that in the above instructions, the lines:

$temp_string = "$totals_total_weight";
$temp_string =~ s/.//g;

... were added just because you didn't want the decimal point displayed. Those lines will strip the decimal point out.
                 2. Thanks & one refinement ques
                Author Gary Torello on 03-07-2001 at 11:18 (EST)
Thanks Bill! works great!

If I wanted to "bury" this number now in the midst of some fixed characters, what would I add to the above?

ie. total "wt" = 112.81

prints now as 11281 / lets surround it with bogus text.. so it prints as: TR10911281654

Thanks SO much!
                         3. RE: Thanks & one refinement ques
                        Author Bill Weiner on 03-07-2001 at 14:43 (EST)
Actually, you can change the line:

$temp_string = "$totals_total_weight";

To anything such as:

$temp_string = "TR109$totals_total_weight654";

... by simply putting the addition text/characters before or after the $totals_total_weight.

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