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Editing code, missing files, etc.

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Aug-15-18 05:09 PM EST
Original Message
Editing code, missing files, etc.
Author Jan Swartling on 12-12-2000 at 15:30 (EST)
I have been struggling for a while with uShop v3. (v3.33 actually.) I am
using the Swedish version, but in the problems description below I use what
I think is the English text when appropriate. I have some question and
suggestions to make. I'll try to put them in the correct forums. Here are
the ones for this forum. I'm testing everything a a local system, I have
not uploaded anything of our new improved web site to our ISP yet.

1. Though everything seem to work as it should, the server log report an
error saying "File does not exist - ushopjsibeaninfo.class". And that is
correct, the file is nowhere to be found on the system. What does this
class file do, and which file is calling it?

2. Regarding the file "ushop-setting.txt" - is this an automatically
created file? From where does it take it's input?

3. Due to some bad Swedish translations I changed some text in
"", but the changes are not reflected in the "Order
Forms". Why is that?

4. I need to change some text in the . The label 'Shipping
and Handling' should read 'Shipping' only. How do I do that?

5. How to edit the text in the Control Panel? This time due to spelling

Apart from that, I like version 3 and will hopefully have an improved web
site soon.

Thank you
Jan Swartling
Blue Soft

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  RE: Editing code, missing files, etc. Bill Weiner, 2000-12-12 17:31:53 (1)
            RE: Editing code, missing files, etc. Jan Swartling, 2000-12-15 13:02:29 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Editing code, missing files, etc.
        Author Bill Weiner on 12-12-2000 at 17:31 (EST)
Sounds like your doing a pretty good with the Swedish version despite all of the instructions being in English. Good Job!

In regard to your questions:

1) No, there is not supposed to be a file called "ushopjsibeaninfo.class"... My guess is that the Java Virtual Machine of your browser is a later version of Java and thus checking for a "Bean", but uShop doesn't use any. So it's nothing to worry about.

2) Yes, the "ushop-setting.txt" file is automatically created the first time you log in to the uShop Control Panel and configure any of the "General Settings".

3) If you made any changes to the "" file... but are not seeing the changes applied during the order process, here are two things to check:

- CHECK #1 - The first time the "ushop-settings.txt" file is created... it will use some of the values in the "" as default values and store them in the "ushop-settings.txt" file. Since you are not that far along, it may be best to just delete the "ushop-settings.txt" file after you have made your changes to the ""... and then login to the uShop Control Panel to setup the "General Settings" again. This will ensure that any default values from the "" file get written to the "ushop-settings.txt" file the first time it is created.

- CHECK #2 - Some of the labels/instructions used during the order process are carried over from the Java side of things. So make sure you configure any instructions via the uShopOrderApplet. Also, if you want to change any of the labels in the shopping cart, then you may have to use the uShopInitialize applet to change them. See the uShop Applet Reference for more information on those two applets.

4) The "Shipping and Handling" label can be changed via the "CART_LABEL_SHIPPING_AND_HANDLING" parameter of uShopInitialize applet.

5) All of the Control Panel labels can be found in the "" file.
                 2. RE: Editing code, missing files, etc.
                Author Jan Swartling on 12-15-2000 at 13:02 (EST)
Thank you for you outstanding support. All the above problems solved.


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