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Netscape 6 (sicks)

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Aug-15-18 05:08 PM EST
Original Message
Netscape 6 (sicks)
Author ronharter on 11-27-2000 at 10:32 (EST)
Has anybody tried using Netscape 6 on pages using Ushop 3.0?

I tried using it when it was in beta but it always crashed on my system. Now that they have released it, it still doesn't work properly on some of pages. Other than the fact that it takes a full minutes to load.

The following things work correctly with both Netscape 4.7 and IE 5 but not on Netscape 6.

When you press the Add To Cart button it can take up to 15 seconds before the item shows up in the small cart which is in the upper left frame.

When you press the Start the Order Process icon it takes you to the display_cart.html page but there are no scroll bars on the right side.

The alert message for orders under our minimum does not run.

When you view the source code you get the source for display_cart.html. On Netscape 4.7 and IE5 you get the code for template_cart.html.

I have no intention of every using Netscape 6 for myself as it loads a whole bunch of crap that nobody wants and pops up ad windows all the time, but I am sure that some of our customers will.

Ron Harter

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  RE: Netscape 6 (sicks) Bill Weiner, 2000-11-28 06:25:59 (1)
  Netscape 6 Randy, 2000-11-29 00:38:36 (2)
  RE: Netscape 6 (sicks) Bill Weiner, 2000-11-30 00:18:39 (3)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Netscape 6 (sicks)
        Author Bill Weiner on 11-28-2000 at 06:25 (EST)
It's been about 4 months since we last tried out the beta version of Netscape 6 and at that time there seemed to be so many bugs with it, that we couldn't do any serious testing.... Not to mention how huge and cumbersome it was.... Definitely a step backwards for them. Very disappointing.

In any case, we'll try downloading the latest release and see how it performs.
         2. Netscape 6
        Author Randy on 11-29-2000 at 00:38 (EST)
Your right about Netscape 6. I am having the same problem with it as you when you start the order process and go to the display_cart.html page. No scroll bar on the right side. Same thing happens when I try Microburts demo site. Had to use my wheel mouse, and same goes for viewing the source code.

Not only that, but it is telling me that my Secure Server is not secure. When I click on the lock to show security information, it says my site does not support Encryption, but I get this with IE (SSL 3.0, RC4 with 128 bit encryption (High); RSA with 512 bit exchange)

Also, Bill .... on your demo site Netscape 6 will not let me pass the display_cart.html page. I click Continue, the padlock flashes yellow, turns red then stops. It does let me continue on my site though.

Besides that, uShop seems to be loading ok and I have had no problems with v3.0 besides the few problems mentioned above with Netscape 6.

It does not like some of the other Java scripts i'm running though, for closing windows, etc...when I click the "Close Window" buttons, it causes an Invalid Page Fault ..... oh well, time to find some scripts that Netscape 6 is going to like :(


         3. RE: Netscape 6 (sicks)
        Author Bill Weiner on 11-30-2000 at 00:18 (EST)
Well, we downloaded Netscape 6.0 and based on some preliminary tests, here are some comments:

1) I'm actually pleased to see they fixed many of the bugs that existed in the Netscape 6.0 Pre-release version that we tested about 4 months ago. The browser is "bulky", but seems to run smoothly.

2) When performing some preliminary tests with uShop and Netscape 6.0, we found the uShop applets to function rather nicely. They properly added items to the shopping cart and the shopping cart data was properly maintained throughout the shopping experience.

3) The load time of the applets seemed to be ok .... taking at most an extra second or two to load compared to the load/startup time of the applets on earlier versions of Netscape.

4) Seeing the "display_cart.html" when viewing source of the first page of the order process is OK... and should not effect anyone adversly. (In fact, it is the same HTML you see when you SAVE that HTML page with IE 5).

5) There does seem to be a problem with how Netscape 6 handles pages that are dynamically generated with JavaScript. That is, even if the HTML page that is generated with JavaScript is larger than the current Netscape window size, no vertical scroll bars are added. In fact, it appears that the scrollbars are only dependent on the size of the original window with the JavaScript in it.

For example, in uShop the first page that you see when you begin the order process is the "display_cart.html" page. The "display_cart.html" page basically just contains a "Please Wait" message and a JavaScript that actually outputs the shopping cart HTML. Even if the shopping cart HTML is really large (ie. there are many items in the shopping cart)... Netscape 6 will not add any vertical scrollbars to the window.

On the "display_cart.html" page we did try adding a bunch of "< BR >" signs (about 30 or so to make that page long)... and sure enough, that made the vertical scroll bar appear... but unfortunately, the scroll bar didn't seem to function properly.

So basically, Netscape will have to look into that issue...because anyone utilizing JavaScript to generate HTML pages will run into the same "missing vertical scrollbar" problem. In the mean time, very few uShop users should be affected by not having vertical scrollbars on that "display_cart.html" page.... only those using Netscape 6 to try to purchase many different items.... so many items that they would need the vertical scrollbar to scroll down to the "Continue" button. And worse comes to worse, you could always try moving the "USHOP BUTTONS" tag to the top fo the "template_cart.html" page.

6. There does appear to be an issue with how Netscape 6 is recognizing secure certificates. On our server, we are using a Thawte secure certificate.... and Netscape 6 doesn't seem to allow us to access it. Perhaps it is related to how our Thawte secure certificate is setup on our server. Or perhaps a Verisign secure certificate would have better luck. In any case, any website using a secure certificate will be in the same boat there so I'm sure some fix and/or instructions to correct it will be released by someone. TBD.

IN SUMMARY, despite the problem described in comment #5 above, it appears Netscape 6.0 and uShop run ok. But we'll still continue to do some more tests with uShop ... as we always have to do whenever a new browser and/or new browser version is released.

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