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Tabulated product data

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Future Features WishList
Jul-20-18 08:11 PM EST
Original Message
Tabulated product data
Author Kevin Dare on 11-06-2001 at 23:49 (EST)
rather than fill in each applet with all parameters needed, would it be possible to have an applet reference a table that has all required information in (say) comma-delimited fields. The applet reads the table to the correct line, and inserts the information in the applet.

The pages I have designed are spread over many sub pages (example - and its subpages) and it is extremely time consuming to change prices, when it could be done with one (or to speed CGI processing a small number) of files holding applet data in a table. That one table could then be uploaded to change prices over many pages.

It also has the advantage when you have the same product sold on more than one page, all price data is consistent throughout the site.

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  RE: Tabulated product data Joseph Pishgar, 2001-11-07 15:34:38 (1)
            Thanks - but.... Kevin Dare, 2001-11-09 02:06:42 (3)
  RE: Tabulated product data Bill Weiner, 2001-11-08 07:25:31 (2)
            "RE: Tabulated product data" Kevin Dare, 2001-11-09 02:24:00 (4)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Tabulated product data
        Author Joseph Pishgar on 11-07-2001 at 15:34 (EST)
Hello Kevin,

This could *probably* be done with a database, but I haven't personally the foggiest as to how it would be implemented on that type of wide-scale price altering.

The following is a link to another forum posting where someone implemented a database in conjunction with a uShop applet. This may be of some assistance.

Hope this helps.

Joseph Pishgar
Microburst Technologies, Inc.
                 3. Thanks - but....
                Author Kevin Dare on 11-09-2001 at 02:06 (EST)
Yes I saw the post about using a database as well. The trouble is (as far as I can tell) is that my pages makes use of SSI (requiring the .shtml extension). As I understand it, PHP and SSI don't coexist.

While PHP can replace SSI functionality (I think) the file extension needs to be changed, and so external links to my site, including search engines, would be broken.

If I could change the applets to read a data file, there would still be work setting it up, but the pages would look the same to the outside world, and future price updates would be a lot easier.
         2. RE: Tabulated product data
        Author Bill Weiner on 11-08-2001 at 07:25 (EST)

You may want to check out the "uShopBrowse" and the "uShopSearch" applets as they do read applet information from such data files. The applet pages are then dynamically generated based on the product information in the data file.

On a side note, because the "uShopBrowse" and "uShopSearch" applets dynamically generate the applet pages based on the data in the data files... they do kind of take away the ability to place the applets whereever you like on your pages. Thus, we are looking into the possibility of giving the regular uShop Input applets an extra/optional "file" parameter that would allow you to specify a data file from which the product information (such as price) can be read. So that may be available in a future release.
                 4. "RE: Tabulated product data"
                Author Kevin Dare on 11-09-2001 at 02:24 (EST)
I did look at the "uShopBrowse" and "uShopSearch" applets, but they didn't appear to suit my application.

While I didn't think through all the ramifications, ideally the applet has a file specified and reads each record until it matches the product, and then populates the applet parameters from the table. If you view my pages, you see that I try to keep page sizes down by not useing parameters where my requirement matches the default, and so just naming the file and record could (i suppose) reduce the file size further.

I look forward to seeing the next release - if it does what I want :)

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