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ASP to JavaScript Variable Passing

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Future Features WishList
Jul-16-18 08:47 AM EST
Original Message
ASP to JavaScript Variable Passing
Author tethomas on 12-26-2000 at 19:40 (EST)
In the perfect world of computer languages, will there ever be a way to pass a session variable from ASP into the uShop Javascript for the product names, product ID, and description fields?

Been trying to figure this out all weekend, but did find a suedo work-around.

Will look for a post on this one.



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  RE: ASP to JavaScript Variable Passing Bill Weiner, 2000-12-27 06:28:21 (1)
            ASP to Javascript Problem Fixed tethomas, 2000-12-27 19:03:01 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: ASP to JavaScript Variable Passing
        Author Bill Weiner on 12-27-2000 at 06:28 (EST)
I'm not totally familiar with ASP, myself, but here are a few ideas that may help:

1) Perhaps you can use ASP (and/or some other CGI technique) to dynamically generate the product pages with the uShop applets on them. (of course with the product name, description, etc... specified at the time the page is generated).

2) Or for more flexibility, perhaps you can use the uShop JavaScript API along with your own JavaScripts/forms to add items to uShop's Shopping Cart. See the "JavaScript Input Examples" in the uShop Applet Reference for more information on the uShop JavaScript API:

Note: And if there is actually a "session" variable that needs to be maintained, perhaps you can do that too with JavaScript... via the use of the JavaScript variable document.location to get the URL and then parse the session ID out of that (if the variable is maintained in the URL).

Note 2: Or if you are looking for a way to maintain any custom variables (such as a "session" variable) internal to uShop, then perhaps you can use these two uShopJSI functions:

document.uShopJSI.setCustomExtra1(String myVariable);


Hopefully that gives you some ideas.... otherwise, if I understood more of what you would like to do, I may be able to give some more suggestions.
                 2. ASP to Javascript Problem Fixed
                Author tethomas on 12-27-2000 at 19:03 (EST)
Really do appreciate the reply.

Our solution to maintain a ASP session variable was to include a tag like this:

Works everytime.

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